What kind of film is Olympus OM-2?

What kind of film is Olympus OM-2?

Olympus OM-2

  • Brand: Olympus.
  • Name: Olympus OM-2.
  • Art: Single lens reflex camera.
  • Type of Film: 35mm.
  • Focal length: –
  • Maximum aperture: depends on the lens.
  • Focus: Manual.
  • Shutter speeds: 1/1000s to 1 s, Bulb.

Is the OM2 better than the OM1?

The OM1 and OM2 were designed to compliment each other, and are essentially identical cameras apart from the aperture priority AE mode on the 2. If you are just learning, you should be metering manually, anyway. Both will yield excellent results, and Zuiko lenses are readily available and of renowned quality.

What year was the Olympus OM 10 made?

The Olympus OM-10 is a 35mm single-lens reflex camera model that was launched by Olympus Corporation in June 1979. It is a part of the Olympus OM system….Olympus OM-10.

Maker Olympus Optical Co., Ltd
Type SLR
Lens mount Olympus OM mount

Is Olympus a good film camera?

Olympus OM-1 Speaking of fully manual film cameras, let’s add the Olympus OM-1 to our list of best film cameras. As one of the most commonly used cameras of the 1970s, these cameras are so reliable that they are still commonly used today. The build is entirely mechanical making it more reliable over time.

Is an Olympus om2n mechanical?

More importantly, OM2 takes the same range of lenses and accessories as the earlier OM-1with a few electronic flash units for dedicated TTL OTF automatic flash exposure control. These has made both camera complete a mechanical/electronic system configuration for the camera bodies.

Is the Olympus OM-2n my first camera?

The Olympus OM-2n wasn’t my first camera. My experience with film started when my friend let me take some photos with her camera, one of which just struck me (to this day I think it is one of the best photos I have taken). After that, I remembered that at my parents’ apartment there is a point and shoot camera: an Olympus Superzoom 700XB.

How much does a Nikon OM-2n weigh?

A lot of people know this website for compact cameras, so I will throw some numbers: my OM-2n weighs about 550 grams (with batteries and without lens). Back when they introduced the first OM, in the early 70’s, its compactness and lightness were revolutionary.

What is the OM-2 best known for?

The OM-2 also laid claim as the first (and still the only one) system camera with a super accurate center-weighted TTL (Through-the-Lens) Direct (Off-the-Film) Light Measuring System.

How good is the light meter on the Om 2n?

The OM-2n has a very good meter, it was the first of its kind. The light meter takes reading reflected off the film plane, and the shutter can stay up for about 120 sec.

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