What kind of food did the soldiers eat during World War 2?

What kind of food did the soldiers eat during World War 2?

Biscuits and salt meat were the staples, with the monthly vegetable ration often restricted to two potatoes and an onion per man. Many soldiers developed scurvy, which led to inflamed gums, making the hard biscuits difficult to eat.

What was the best food in ww2?

Food consisted mainly of soup or a stew with whatever the cooks could get their hands on with bread from the bakery. American field kitchens often served beans in tomato sauce. If there was a lull in the fighting and supplies got through, American field kitchens would sometimes provide hot dogs and hamburgers.

What did soldiers eat at war?

The most common food given to soldiers was bread, coffee, and salt pork. The typical ration for every Union soldier was about a pound of meat and a pound of bread or flour. The Confederacy started out following the same rules. As the war went on, they weren’t able to keep up.

How often did soldiers eat in ww2?

The first were round twelve-ounce cans that held most components of the C ration. Soldiers were supposed to consume two cans at each of three daily meals when away from base.

What did the British eat during ww2?

Other products soon followed, especially foods that were normally imported or came from scarce animal sources, such as meat, cheese, margarine, eggs, milk, tea, breakfast cereals, rice, and biscuits. By mid-1942 most foodstuffs were rationed, except fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and bread.

What did they eat for breakfast in World war 2?

Breakfasts will be porridge (made with 50/50 milk and water) with apple and pear compote. Lunches will be soup with homemade bread rolls. Snacks will be fruit, muffins, scones, vegetable sticks (carrot and celery) and homemade yoghurt.

What did soldiers eat for breakfast in ww2?

The soldiers were fueled, she writes, with “fresh baked bread, biscuit when bread was unavailable; a daily meat ration (lamb and mutton) of approximately 200 grams; honey, coffee, rice, bulgur and barley for the horses.” Above all, the biscuit appears to have held primacy in sustaining the soldiers.

What did British soldiers eat in ww2?

The rations issued to British soldiers in the early part of World War II were nearly identical to those issued during World War I. The mainstays were “bully beef”, “M & V”, biscuits, and tea, sometimes supplemented with chocolate. Bully beef was tinned corned beef with a small amount of gelatin.

Did ww1 soldiers eat rats?

With no proper disposal system the rats would feast off food scraps. The rats grew bigger and bolder and would even steal food from a soldier’s hand. But for some soldiers the rats became their friends. They captured them and kept them as pets, bringing a brief reprisal from the horror which lay all around.

Why was bread not rationed in WW2?

But the fact is that bread was never rationed during WW2 in Britain, although it was for a short period after the war. Wheat was in short supply, and to meet this, the extraction rate on flour was raised to produce the wholemeal ‘National Loaf’. There is no necessity for the trouble and expense of rationing …

What food was not rationed in WW2?

Fruit and vegetables were never rationed but were often in short supply, especially tomatoes, onions and fruit shipped from overseas. The government encouraged people to grow vegetables in their own gardens and allotments. Many public parks were also used for this purpose.

What’s in TM 10-412 Army recipes 1944-08-15?

TM 10-412 Army Recipes 1944-08-15 CONTENTS Paragraph Section 1. Introduction 1-4 2. Beverages 5 3. Breads 6-7 4. Cakes and cookies 8-10 5. Breakfast cereals 11 6. Desserts 12 7. Eggs 13 8. Fish 14 9. Fritters and croquettes 15 10.

What is the history of the mess hall on ships?

Fast forward a few decades into the early 1900s, ship board food, organization, and a better understanding of nutrition mixed with tradition to form the ships’ mess hall. From its beginnings, crews aboard US Navy ships were divided into messes.

Do crew members eat in the galley or the mess hall?

There were a few holdouts, such as the older USS Texas (BB-35), whose crew still brought their food back to their berthing compartment, but for the most part men lined up for a meal and ate in the mess hall. One of the oldest ships in commission during World War II, the USS Texas (BB-35) had a open galley on the main deck and no mess hall.

How many portions are in a 1958 Navy dish?

Here are recipes for a number of Navy dishes from 1958. Now, invite a lot of old shipmates or get out your scratchpad and calculator — these recipes are geared toward 100 portions.

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