What kind of music is played on air?

What kind of music is played on air?

Air is associated with a variety of musical styles: electronica, space pop, dream pop, progressive rock, downtempo, chillout, trip hop, ambient, electronic pop and space rock.

What does music mean in France?

French Translation. la musique. More French words for music. la musique noun.

Why do I like dark ambient music?

The reason it is called “dark” is because the tones are usually sombre, slow, creating a mood of mysteriousness. This can be as enjoyable as a horror movie is enjoyable to people who love a thrill. But also due to the abstract nature of ambient, what’s dark for one person might be very upbeat to another.

What does Air mean in music?

An air (Italian: aria; also ayr, ayre in French) is a song-like vocal or instrumental composition. The term can also be applied to the interchangeable melodies of folk songs and ballads. It is a variant of the musical song form often referred to (in opera, cantata and oratorio) as aria.

Who is airband?

Airband are a family-owned fixed wireless internet service provider based in Worcester, UK. They specialise in delivering superfast broadband to rural and hard to reach areas across England and Wales.

Is ambient music boring?

Ambient music, which repeatedly plays seemingly disordered sounds, is differentiated from ASMR as it is musical creations. The first impression of ambient music is usually comforting or boring. Brian Eno who launched an album titled “Ambient 1: Music for Airports” in 1978 is the pioneer of modern ambient music.

Why does French music sound different?

The sound of French music is greatly influenced by what became know as musette. The musette, also known as the cabrette, was a small goatskin bagpipe, one of the most popular instruments in the 19th century in the Auvergne, the great expanse of hills and meadows at the heart of the French Massif Central.

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