What leur means?

What leur means?

“leur” means “their” or “to them”. The first part of your sentence should be J’ai dit à leur père (think about it with “say” instead of “tell”: “I said to their father”). To wait for sth/sb is “attendre” + direct object or “attendre de” + verb at the infinitive form.

What is leur French?

It is as a possessive adjective that the spelling of leur can change and may need a final s. Here, leur means “their” (i.e. belonging to them). It is used to indicate there are several possessors. Indeed, the possessive adjective will vary in French according to the gender of the possessed item.

What do lui and leur mean?

lui means either him OR her (depending on the context) and. leur means them, irrespective of the the group’s gender.

What is the plural of Leur in French?

Leur is used for both masculine and feminine nouns in the singular, whereas leurs is used for both masculine and feminine nouns in the plural. Oui, c’est leur stylo.

Does leur agree?

The “leur”, “leurs” here agree ( singular or plural ) with the noun they refer to. “Leurs” is used when the noun it refers to is in the plural. An example: Ils aiment leurs enfants.

What is the difference between LES and Leur?

Le/la/lui is the simple form. Les/leur is plural. Les can be translated to the (plural) and leur can be translated to their. Be careful with leur, if there is only one thing belonging to a group (like their cat/leur chat) there isn’t any s at the end.

Is Cahier masculine or feminine?

Answer and Explanation: The word cahier in French is a masculine noun. Cahier means ‘notebook’, as in the sentence ‘The student has a notebook’: L’étudiant a un cahier…

Is leur masculine or feminine in French?

Possessive adjectives – Easy Learning Grammar French

with masculine singular noun with feminine singular noun Meaning
son sa (son) his her its one’s
notre notre our
votre votre your
leur leur their

Who is a Cahier?

: a report or memorial concerning policy especially of a parliamentary body.

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