What makes Thai food special?

What makes Thai food special?

Thai food – what makes it special. It combines several different South East Asian influences such as Burma, Vietnam and Malaysia. Thai cooking relies on aromatic spices to give it it’s distinctive taste such as thai basil , ginger, chilli, mint and lemongrass along with pastes such as nam pla (fish paste) and kapi (shrimp paste)…

Can Thai food be healthy?

Thai food, like most cuisines, can be healthy if you make smart choices. Similar to other Asian cuisines, Thai Food consists mainly of rice or noodles, vegetables and small amounts of meat.

What to eat at a Thai restaurant?

Salad is always a prudent choice when attempting to eat healthy at a Thai restaurant. Thai restaurants will offer salads with beans and beans sprouts, poultry and meat, prawns, cabbage and cucumber.

Is Thai food and Chinese food the same?

• Thai food is lightly cooked but is very flavorful because of the use of herbs. • Soy sauce and soy paste are used commonly in Chinese food while fish sauce is used in Thai food. • Thai food has many curries, and they eat soups in large bowls. • Chinese food is more oily than Thai food.


What is your favorite Thai food?

Tofu and Asparagus Pad Thai. Some favorite foods include sour minced meat salad (lard), a chopped meat salad that is quite sour (koi), and papaya salad (som tam). Though not many spices are used, they often use plenty of condiments. Meals often consist of nam phrik pla raa, sticky rice, and plenty of vegetables.

Why is Thai food so spicy?

Thai food emphasizes both the heat of chilies and the use of fresh ingredients. Some spices may help prevent the growth of germs that cause food-borne illnesses. Some people find that spicy foods help clear their sinuses and ease nasal congestion.

Is Thai food always spicy?

Many consumers have noted that Thai food, and Asian foods in general, can be intensely spicy. Chilies create the spicy kick of Thai food, and if you are eating at a cooperative Thai restaurant, they can usually moderate or increase this ingredient on request.

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