What mpg does a VW Crafter get?

What mpg does a VW Crafter get?

Fuel economy

Vehicle MPG (combined) ⁠ 1 CO2 ⁠ 1
Caddy 2.0 TDI 102PS DSG 54.3 mpg ⁠ 1 137 g/km ⁠ 1
Crafter CR30 MWB 102PS Manual 38.2 mpg ⁠ 1 192 g/km ⁠ 1
Crafter CR35 MWB 102PS Manual 38.2 mpg ⁠ 1 192 g/km ⁠ 1
Crafter CR35 LWB 102PS Manual 38.2 mpg ⁠ 1 192 g/km ⁠ 1

How many miles per gallon does a Volkswagen van get?

The average bus gets between 6 and 9 mpg, depending on many factors (size of bus, wind, speed, and of course how heavily loaded).

Which is better Crafter or sprinter?

The verdict The Crafter scores particularly well in terms of practicality of its cab, choice of specs and trims, as well as fuel economy. The Sprinter for its part offers a better payload, not to mention superb residual values.

Is Volkswagen Crafter reliable?

Volkswagens are known for their reliability and the Crafter comes with a three-year/100,000-mile warranty, in common with the market-leading Ford Transit.

How big is a VW Crafter fuel tank?

Volkswagen Crafter 2018 L4H3 3500 2.0 TDI 140HP 4MOTION Fuel Consumption (Economy), Emissions and Range
Fuel Consumption – Economy – City: 9.7 L/100km 29 mpg UK / 24 mpg US
Range : 833 Km or 518 miles
Fuel Tank Capacity : 75 L 16.5 UK gallons 19.8 US gallons
CO2 emissions : 235 g/Km (Volkswagen)

How many MPG does a Mercedes Sprinter get?

approximately 14.5 mpg
After compiling real-life data, it was found that the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van gets approximately 14.5 mpg on average.

Is the Crafter Galvanised?

According to the manufacturer, all VW vans are galvanised.

What engine is in a VW Crafter?

Volkswagen Crafter
Engine 2.0 L I4 TDI with DPF 2.5 L I5 TDI with DPF
Electric motor 100 kW (136.0 PS; 134.1 hp) synchronous permanent magnet AC motor
Transmission 6-speed manual 6-speed Shiftmatic automatic 8-speed Aisin automatic (FWD models)

How long is a VW Crafter MWB?

The VW Crafter medium wheelbase (MWB) is the shortest available version, and it is available with a low or high roof. Overall, the Crafter medium wheelbase measures 5,986mm in length with a load bed length of 3,450mm, and there are two interior heights of 1,726mm (low roof) and 1,861mm (high roof).

How much can a VW Crafter carry?

The Crafter Chassis and Double Cabs models have payloads ranging from 1,472 to 3,026 kilograms (3,245 to 6,671 lb), and come in gross vehicle weights (GVW) of either 3.5 or 5.3 tonnes.

What is the average MPG(fuel economy) of a Volkswagen Crafter?

What is the average MPG (fuel economy) of a Volkswagen Crafter? Volkswagen Crafter average fuel consumption is 28.0 MPG or 10.1 litres/100km and average CO2 output is 261.1 g/km based on 80 models. CO2 (carbon dioxide), mileage, fuel economy and other emissions data for Volkswagen Crafter cars. Data table – click on a title to order by column:

Which is the most fuel efficient Ford Crafter?

The most efficient Crafters on paper are the 102hp and 140hp mid-size versions, which claim 38.2mpg at their most efficient according to the older NEDC test. This is still some way behind the best in the large van class, sadly. But we’ve always found the Crafter’s real-world fuel economy to be more than acceptable.

How good is the crafter’s new engine range?

Our first impressions of the Crafter’s new engine range weren’t overly favourable. Around the mountain roads of Spain on the original launch we found the 140hp versions had to be worked hard, and while the 177hp version was unsurprisingly pokier, both sounded reedy and coarse under power.

How much weight can a VW Crafter van carry?

This VW Crafter isn’t the biggest van on the market, with a total load volume of 11.3 cubic metres, and it can’t carry the most weight, with a middling payload of 1,235kg.

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