What nationality is Su Wei Hsieh?

What nationality is Su Wei Hsieh?

Hsieh Su-wei/Nationality

Has Hsieh Su Wei won a Grand Slam?

Hsieh Su-wei/Grand slams won (singles)

Where is Hsieh tennis player from?

Hsinchu, Taiwan
Hsieh Su-wei/Place of birth

What country does Hsieh represent?

Hsieh is the highest-ranked Taiwanese player in history, in both singles and doubles….Hsieh Su-wei.

Hsieh at the 2019 Wimbledon Championships
Country (sports) Chinese Taipei
Residence Taipei, Taiwan
Born 4 January 1986 Hsinchu, Taiwan

Who is Hsieh Su-Wei’s boyfriend?

McNamee was quick to credit Hsieh’s French boyfriend, Frederic Aniere, who has helped with coaching over the past few years, as the ageless Taiwanese reached new heights.

Who is Hsieh dating?

The current doubles world No. 3 Hsieh flew to the Czech Republic fresh off her run to the doubles final at the Akron WTA Finals Guadalajara, where she was teamed up with Belgian Elise Mertens. Hsieh Su-Wei met her boyfriend Frederic Aniere in Paris in 2016.

Who is Hsieh Su-Wei sponsored by?

Sponsorships Women Singles

First name Last name Shoes
Simona Halep Nike
Polona Hercog Nike
Nao Hibino Yonex
Su-Wei Hsieh

How many titles has Hsieh Su-Wei won?

How tall is Hsieh Su-Wei?

5′ 7″
Hsieh Su-wei/Height

Who is Hsieh’s coach?

Paul McNamee2011–
Hsieh Su-wei/Coaches

Hsieh Su-Wei’s coach Paul McNamee sheds light on her whimsical approach to life and tennis and how he’s is able to get the best out of one of the most unpredictable personalities on tour. Tennis players are creatures of habit and control.

How tall is Hsieh Su Wei?

How old is Hsieh Su Wei?

36 years (January 4, 1986)
Hsieh Su-wei/Age

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