What Pokemon have gunk shot?

What Pokemon have gunk shot?

The following Pokémon are currently able to learn this attack.

  • Arbok. #024. Arbok.
  • Grimer. #088. Grimer. Alolan.
  • Muk. #089. Muk.
  • Muk. #089. Muk. Alolan.
  • Octillery. #224. Octillery.
  • Linoone. #264. Galarian.
  • Gulpin. #316. Gulpin.
  • Swalot. #317. Swalot.

Where can I find gunk shot in Pokemon sword?

Gunk Shot (TR73) is available to purchase from the Watt Traders in the Wild Area for 8000 Watts.

Is gunk shot or sludge wave better?

Gunk Shot is strong, and it literally throws a garbage can. Sludge Wave is weaker than Gunk Shot, and it has no garbage can.

Is gunk shot good for Greninja?

Gunk Shot is useful for hitting Grass-types that commonly attempt to pivot into Greninja like Tapu Bulu and Tangrowth as well as Fairy-types like Tapu Lele, Clefable, and Tapu Fini. It also gives Greninja a better matchup against Rotom-W thanks to the poison chance.

What is gunk shot good against?

Gunk Shot is a Poison type charged move that deals 130 damage and costs 100 energy in Pokemon GO. It has a 3.1s cooldown and it deals damage between in the 1.7s to 2.7s animation interval. Gunk Shot is boosted by Cloudy weather and it deals increased damage to Fairy and Grass types.

What level does Alolan Muk learn gunk shot?

Moves learnt by level up

Lv. Move Acc.
29 Sludge Bomb 100
32 Sludge Wave 100
37 Screech 85
40 Gunk Shot 80

How does Greninja learn gunk shot?

It is possible for Greninja to get Gunk Shot, but only through Move tutor in ORAS! Only Frogadier and Greninja are possible to learn this move (from the Froakie family)! Source Here You might have to scroll down a little bit to see its move tutor moves, but I will paste them from the source here as well!

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