What Raga is Apsara Aali?

What Raga is Apsara Aali?

“Albela Sajan x Apsara Aali” has its roots in the love that both Abby and Antara share for Raag Ahir Bhairav. They were keen to do a largely A Cappella arrangement of two iconic songs based around this raag.

Who is the dancer in Apsara Aali?

Sonalee Kulkarni
She is noted for her lavani dance song, “Apsara Aali” in the Marathi film Natarang, followed by Kshanbhar Vishranti, Ajintha, and Zapatlela 2….

Sonalee Kulkarni
Born 18 May 1988 (age 33) Pune, Maharashtra, India
Occupation Actress dancer
Years active 2005–present
Notable work Natarang Mitwaa Grand Masti Hirkani

Is natarang a real story?

Based on Natarang, 1978 Marathi novel by Dr. Anand Yadav, the film depicts the journey of a young artist in overcoming hurdles in the form of family, friends, society and to finally realise the unthinkable dream….

Based on Natarang by Dr. Anand Yadav
Produced by Zee Talkies Nikhil Sane Amit Phalke Meghana Jadhav

What is the story of natrang?

A village laborer is passionate about the theatre shows and decides to start a troupe. Instead of a king’s role that he wished for, he gets to enact a homosexual; he is torn between his passion and societal prestige.
Natarang/Film synopsis

Who sang Apsara Aali?

Bela Shende
Apsara Aali/Artists

Who wrote natrang book?

Anand Yadav
Natarang/Story by

Anand Yadav won Sahitya Akademi award in 199 for his autobiography ‘Zombi’.

Who is the singer of Apsara Aali?

Who is Sonali Kulkarni sister?

She has worked in Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, and Tamil films. She is known for her roles in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Doghi, Deool, Gulabjaam, Dil Chahta Hai, Singham, Taxi No 9211 and Bharat….

Sonali Kulkarni
Children 1
Relatives Amruta Subhash (sister-in-law)

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