What rod should I use for crankbaits?

What rod should I use for crankbaits?

A 7 to 8-foot cranking rod will cast the bigger medium and deep-diving crankbaits much better than a 6′-6” rod will. The longer length allows energy to load up into the rod, making long casts easier. On the other hand, a 6′-6” cranking rod will be a better choice when fishing smaller crankbaits.

How deep does a 6XD crankbait go?

The 6XD not only reaches the 18-20 foot depth, but once its there the bait has an attractive multi directional wobble that entices bass to strike.

What is a good length for a crankbait rod?

If a 40 yard cast with a big, deep-diving crankbait like the Berkley Dredger is critical to your catch, your rod should be at least 7 feet long, and you’ll want a smooth reel and a line with a slim diameter.

What action rod is best for topwater?

Dobyns Fury casting rod The Dobyns Fury is the best rod for topwater walking baits. The ‘walking the dog’ technique involves retrieving the lure with your rod tip pointed down to the water, and imparting sideways darting motion to the lure by twitching the tip back and forth.

How can I make my crankbait run deeper?

You can make a crankbait run deeper and even suspend by simply adding larger and heavier hooks. Mustad’s KVD Elite Trebles with heavier gauge wire are good examples. Another trick is to stick Storm SuspenStrips or Dots to the underside of the crankbait lip.

How deep does a Strike King 6XD run?

18 feet
The longer the cast, the deeper the bait will run, and at 2 ounces the 10XD can be tossed a long ways! The 3XD runs to 10 feet or more, the 5XD reaches 15 feet, the 6XD runs to 18 feet and then some, the 8XD can dive to 20 plus and the 10XD can reach 25 feet or more. Each size is available in 12 lifelike colors.

Can you use a medium heavy rod for crankbaits?

Medium Heavy Fast will work for crankbaits, and many people prefer that rod for shallow running square bills.

What kind of rod and reel does KVD use?

Lew’s Introduces Kevin VanDam Signature Fishing Rods

Lew’s KVD Series Rods
Composite Casting LKVDCC1 6’8” Small Crankbaits
LKVDCC2 7′ Squarebill/Red Eye Shad
LKVDCC3 7’1” Accuracy Bladed Jig/KVD 2.5
LKVDCC4 7’4” Medium Crankbaits

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