What sizes of paracord are there?

What sizes of paracord are there?

All sizes of paracord (95, 275, 325, 425, 550, 750, and Para-Max) are available in these lengths: 10 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet, and 250 Feet.

What is the difference between 550 and 1100 paracord?

Designed to be durable and strong, the 1100 Paracord is for extra heavy-duty jobs at camp or in the field. The 5.5 mm, 16-strand construction makes it double the strength of our 550 Paracord. It’s tough cordage that offers less stretch – ideal for securing shelter and gear.

What size paracord should I get?

To make it simpler: If you want to have some general purpose cord laying around or worn in a bracelet, go with standard #550 cord. If you foresee yourself using paracord for survival often and want to go with a higher strength product, go with Mil-Spec #750.

How many mm thick is 550 paracord?

550 Paracord 7 strand (5/32″ or 4.0mm)

What widths does paracord come in?

Paracord Sizes

  • Nano Cord (0.03” or 0.75mm)
  • Micro Cord (0.05” or 1.18mm)
  • Micro 90 Paracord (0.05” or 1.2mm)
  • 95 Paracord (0.07” or 1.75mm)
  • 275 Paracord (0.09” or 2.38mm)
  • 325 Paracord (0.12” or 3mm)
  • 425 Paracord (0.12” or 3mm)
  • 550 Paracord (0.16” or 4mm)

What is paramax cord?

Paramax Utility Cord is a beefier version of 550 paracord. As a kernmantle rope, it has a twisted nylon core with a 32-strand nylon sleeve. It is also very flexible compared to other rope materials. Paramax is a smooth braided rope that has a high abrasion resistance.

How thick is 550 paracord in inches?

Cord Size Comparison Chart

Type Diameter # of Strands
550 Paracord 0.16″ (4mm) 7
650 Coreless Paracord 0.20″ (5mm) 0
750 Paracord 0.16″ (4mm) 11
850 Paracord 0.18″ (4.5mm) 8

How strong is 3mm paracord?

Cord Size Comparison Chart

Type Diameter Strength
325 Paracord 0.12″ (3mm) 325 Pounds
425 Paracord 0.12″ (3mm) 425 Pounds
Cali Cord 0.12″ (3mm) 550 Pounds
550 Paracord 0.16″ (4mm) 550 Pounds

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