What skills do you need for platinum?

What skills do you need for platinum?

Platinum gymnasts must have the following in their bar routine:

  • 6 “A” & 1 “B” valued skill.
  • A clear support skill finishing above horizontal.
  • A Circling Skill (not the mount or dismount)
  • A Kip.
  • A Dismount from the high bar.

What level is Xcel Platinum equal to?

The fourth level, or division, as it’s called in Xcel gymnastics, is Xcel Platinum. The requirements in Xcel Platinum continue to progress from those in the Gold division. Gymnasts in the Xcel Platinum division typically have skills that are the equivalent of a DP Level 6.

What are a value skills in gymnastics?

Each skill in a gymnast’s routine is valued from A to H (so far). A valued skills are the easiest and rarely receive any bonus unless connected to another skill or set of skills. An example of an A valued skill is a back tuck, while an example of an H valued skill is a double twisting double tuck.

How hard is platinum?

Platinum is not a hard metal. It is 4 – 4.5 on the MOHs scale of hardness. This means it can be scratched by anything harder than it is. For comparison, pure gold is 2.5, on the MOHs scale.

What are the requirements for balance beam?

BALANCE BEAM ~ Chapter 1 ~ Requirements BEAM – 2 I. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (SR) EACH WORTH 0.50 A. BRONZE DIVISION ~ SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS 1. Minimum ½ Turn on One (1) or Two (2) Feet 2. One (1) Jump or Leap (not mount or dismount) 3. One (1) Acro element – Non-Flight 4. Dismount – No Saltos or Aerials B. SILVER DIVISION ~ SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS

What are the requirements for a gold dismount?

Dismount C. GOLD DIVISION ~ SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS 1. Minimum 1/1 Turn on One (1) Foot 2. Two (2) Different Group 2 elements –one (1) with a minimum 120° Cross or Side Split (Isolated or Series) 3. Two (2) Acro elements –with or without Flight (Isolated or Series) One (1) must achieve or pass through inverted vertical.

Is diamonddiamond beam an acro beam?

Diamond beam reminds me of Level 7 beam, with the acro requirement of an acro series and a flight element. The flight element can be included in the series, or performed as an isolated element.

What makes a good Xcel beam routine?

The best beam routines display confidence, good form, and good body posture. This is true at all divisions of Xcel beam, whether it’s the first Bronze meet of the year, or the Diamond State Championships. If you’ve read the vault and bars articles, you know that judging Xcel gymnastics was really tough for me at first.

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