What states are in the East South Central region?

What states are in the East South Central region?

Four states make up the division: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. The division is one of three that together make up the larger Census Bureau Region known as the South (the other two of which are the South Atlantic states and the West South Central states).

Is Florida in East South Central?

Middle Atlantic (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) South Atlantic (Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida) East North Central (Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio) East South Central (Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi)

What are the major cities of the South Central Region?

Major cities

City City population (2018 est.) Metro population (2018 est.)
New Orleans 391,006 1,262,888
Baton Rouge 221,599 830,480
Little Rock 197,881 738,344

What are the 4 West South Central states?

Four states compose the division: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

How many eastern states are there?

This region is also known as the Eastern Seaboard or the Atlantic Coast. There are 14 states with a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean….East Coast States 2021.

State 2021 Pop.
Connecticut 3,552,821
Delaware 990,334
Florida 21,944,577
Georgia 10,830,007

Which states are in West South?

A map of the United States Census Bureau Region 3, Division 7, “West South Central”, consisting of the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas….States in the West South Central Region.

State 2019 Estimate Land Area
Louisiana 4,648,794 51,843
Oklahoma 3,956,971 69,898
Texas 28,995,881 268,581

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