What steel does Kellam use?

What steel does Kellam use?

The blade is carbon steel, which has been differentially tempered using what Kellam calls their SPT technology. The result is that the cutting edge is harder than the rest of the blade, providing for good edge retention without making the blade brittle.

Are Kellam knives made in Finland?

The Hawk features a beautiful dyed curly birch handle with a 3″ razor-sharp carbon steel blade. This knife has a full-tang construction with a brass bolster. These knives are hand made in Finland.

Where are Kellam knives made?

Made in Finland. Includes 11″ overall Hunter with 5 3/4″ blade and 8″ overall Skinner with 3 1/4″ blade. Knives have carbon steel blade and one-piece curly birch handle with reindeer antler cap and brass ferrule.

How good are marttiini knives?

This knife is easily as sharp. It seems that Moras are well known and well liked but this knife deserves to be as well known as the Moras. The blade is made of stainless steel. In my opinion this is a great knife to get and would recommend it to others looking for a camping, bushcraft, skinning, or EDC fix blade knife.

What are Scandi knives?

“Scandi” is short for Scandinavian. A Scandi grind could be considered the opposite of a flat grind. The grind leading from the full thickness of the blade material begins very close to the cutting edge, producing a wide wedge shape at the cutting edge.

Where are marttiini knives made?

Finnish Lapland
It all began in 1928 at the land of dark Arctic winters and the midnight sun, when a blacksmith Janne Marttiini decided to establish knife factory to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland.

What steel does marttiini knives use?

STAINLESS CHROME STEEL The stainless steel used by Marttiini is an easy-to-treat blade material that maintains its sharpness for a long time. The proportion of chrome in the steel blend is 13% and the hardness is 53-54 on the Rockwell scale (HRC).

Is Scandi grind good?

The Scandi grind is probably the best choice for wood work, shelter building, fire making and general survival situations. It has better edge retention and is easy to sharpen in the field. A saber grind falls somewhere in between a flat grind and Scandi grind.

What are the advantages of a Scandi grind?

The benefit to using a scandi grind is that you can use the entire primary bevel to guide your knife along the bench stone as you sharpen it. Just put slightly more pressure on the very edge to form a miniscule edge bevel (it won’t be visible).

How good are Marttiini knives?

What are the best knives made by Kellam knives?

Kellam Knives Noita Puukko Fixed Blade Knife 2.38″ Two-Tone Carbon Steel Blade, Curly Birch Wood Handle w/ Rei… Kellam Knives Finnish Ranger Puukko M95 Fixed Blade Knife 5.94″ Teflon Coated Blade, Black Rubber Handle, Comp… Kellam Knives Saami Small Reindeer Knife Fixed 2.3″ Two-Tone Carbon Steel Blade, Reindeer Antler Handle, Brown…

What are the specs of a Kellam Hawk knife?

Embossed leather belt sheath. Kellam Hawk. 7 5/8″ overall. 3″ carbon steel blade. Kellam Hawk. 7 5/8″ overall. 3″ carbon steel blade. Stained curly birch handle.

What is the difference between Kellam and puukko knives?

Puukko Knives are used for everything from hunting, fishing and garden work to opening boxes in the warehouse. Kellam knives cherish the history of Finnish knife making. These general-purpose knives have a standardized design. What makes these knives different from their counterparts is their grinding technique.

What kind of knives are made from carbon steel?

Kellam Fixed Blade Knives: The series includes an assortment of Wild Finn Line knives, AK Line knives, Historical Knives, Ranger Puukko knives, and more. These knives are hand-forged from carbon steel.

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