What temperature is cone 6 clay?

What temperature is cone 6 clay?

Cone Temperature Conversion Chart
Cone Temp at 108F/hr Ware and Glaze Types
6 2232 Porcelain Bisque
5 2167
4 2124 Porcelain Glaze

Which is hotter cone 6 or 06?

Cone 6 is about 400 degrees hotter than cone 06! As you can see from the pyrometric chart (above), the “0” serves as a negative sign. Therefore cone 05 is cooler than cone 04 whereas cone 5 is hotter than cone 4.

Can Cone 6 clay be fired at cone 5?

Most of their clay bodies show a rather high Apparent Porosity rate (2% and up) …….. which says they likely will tolerate cone 6 just fine. SOme are so high as to be questionable for functional table wares at cone 5.

What does cone 6 mean in pottery?

Details. This refers to the medium temperature oxidation range (or middle fire) that most potter’s work in in electric kilns. Orton cone 6 fires to about 2200F (or 1200C). Potters who fire ware cone 5 or 7 may also consider themselves to be working at “cone 6” (using the term to designate the range or type of ware).

How long should a cone 6 Firing take?

about 8 Hours
Program the kiln to run a Cone 06, Medium Speed, ConeFire Program. This will take about 8 Hours to fire to temperature and another 12 hours to cool (depends on size of kiln).

How hot is a cone 6 firing?


Cone number Orton Cones Final temp in degrees F at ramp rate of 27 degrees F/hr Orton Cones Final temp in degrees F at ramp rate of 270 degrees F/hr
8 2212 2320
7 2194 2295
6 2165 2269
5 2118 2205

Can you fire cone 10 clay cone 6?

The closer you get to the maximum rated cone, the denser and stronger your clay will be. You cannot fire a clay higher than its maximum-rated Cone, or it will melt. Cone 10 clay can be used at low fire (Cone 04-06 or at Cone 6), but to reach its maximum strength it should be fired to Cone 10.

Are cone 6 glazes food safe?

Designed for clays maturing at higher temperatures, the Western Lead-Free Stoneware glaze series has a range from cone 4 to cone 6 and includes gloss, matt, transparent and opaque glaze types. Colors are food-safe, and work well on a variety of clay bodies.

How long is a cone 6 firing?

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