What to do if IV pump is beeping?

What to do if IV pump is beeping?

To resolve: Push the run/pause button to silence the alarm. Gently press on the top of the cassette (top of pump) Push the run/pause button again to restart the pump.

How do smart pumps work?

About Smart Pumps Smart pumps with dose-error reduction software (DERS) allow organizations to create a tailored library of medications with dosing guidelines by establishing standard concentrations, dosing limits, and alerts (e.g., clinical advisories, soft stops, hard stops).

How do you fix occlusion in IV pump?

What Should I Do If My Pump Reads “Down Occlusion”

  1. Check clamp on tubing and unclamp if clamped.
  2. Check tubing for any kinks or if patient is lying on tubing causing it to occlude.
  3. Make sure tubing is placed in pump correctly.
  4. Try to restart by pressing Pause/Yes to Resume/Run to Start.

Why do IV pumps alarm?

It will alarm if a medicine is finished infusing or if the pump detects a blockage or air in the line. Always call your nurse when the pump starts to alarm.

Are your Baxter IV sets compatible with Sigma spectrum infusion systems?

COMPATIBLE IV SETS Compatible Baxter IV Sets The following is a partial listing of the Baxter IV Sets compatible with the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Systems that have been calibrated for Baxter IV set tubing.

What do I do if my Baxter pump is not working?

CAUTION Unrecoverable System Error. If unable to clear a fault condition during a system error occurrence, discontinue using the Pump. Refer to qualified service personnel at your facilit y or return the Pump to Baxter for service. Alarms Action 112 Alarms Manual 41018v0800 SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System Revision B Operator’s Manual

What does the serial number on a Baxter pump mean?

Serial number – The serial number assigned by Baxter for tracking and device history. Figure 12. MDL Icon. Setting Up the Pump 35 SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System Pump Operating Software Version 8.00 Operator’s Manual For Use With MDL Version 8.0

What is back pressure in Baxter IV sets?

Back pressure equivalent to 300 mmHg may reduce the flow rate, causing a deviation in accuracy by -9%. Negative back pressure of -100 mmHg may increase flow rate, causing a deviation in accuracy of 7% in Baxter IV Sets. WARNING Baxter IV Sets.

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