What to do once your script is completed ?

Que faire une fois votre script terminé ?

What to do with a scenario is completed ?!


This week I had planned to propose to you a different article than this one, but sometimes life has surprises in store. Suffice to say that for this article this is the case ! Many of you ask me the same questions for some time, so I decided to answer them and reply to you also by the same occasion.

I believe that this sentence : What to do with my scenario finished ? A lot of the readers of this blog have had to ask…I answer you now, it’s gone !

A scenario is finished what is it ?

And well before we say that it is finished, it is necessary to ask what it means ! Some people say they have a structure of 5 pages and that it will be enough to get an appointment with a producer or that it will enable them to turn…you and I both know that this is not the case.

But everyone is not like that. Some, if not many of you, know that it is important to bring special care to the structure of his history, to have strong characters, well-characterized, and a concept (an idea) which takes all. Once it has that, you find that the reading of the scenario is fluid, that everything fits and that no question or query will perturb the reading, one can begin to think it is a first jet !

A first draft of the script ?

Yes, a first jet ! That is to say, a first draft of your script is ” finished “. You know like me, a script is never really finished as long as it has not been turned. It is precisely from this first draft that you will be able to work to improve : the stage directions, dialogues or the sequences. Then once you have written another or several other versions, you get a version of your scenario that you’re happy with it. And this is the one that’s going to take to travel :o)

But who to contact ? Sent to the scenario ?

Frankly there are not 36 solutions…but there are a few all the same. In fact, to answer this question you must define if your scenario is a :

  • Documentary
  • Feature film
  • Short film
  • Series
  • Mini-series
  • telefilm

Then it is necessary to define your purpose, is this :

  • To find a producer ?
  • To find a director ?
  • To find a residence ?
  • To find funding ?
  • To find a scholarship or a contest ?

Once you have answered these two questions, you can put you in hunting solutions available to you ! She is not beautiful the life ? ;o)

Find a producer for his screenplay

I would say that this is the solution that many want to take. Once your scenario is completed, that you wanted to do it or not, you need a producer. The producer will allow you to have a structure and a professional (finally, normally) to develop your project and fund it. All producers do not produce the same thing. It is thus necessary to contact a producer based on the response that you have given to the first question : my scenario is a…

If you write a long, the producer will also find the distributor, or the chains to ensure the distribution of your film. And then once the project is in preparation, the producer will offer you the technicians if you do not know or will guide you to fully surround you.

I’d like also to repeat to you once again that a lot of young apprentices writers want to realize their own scenario, because they think, rightly or wrongly, that they are best able to convey through the image what they have written….

If you have never made short film, or if you have no experience of tea, you have little chance to achieve your scenario. ATTENTION, I’m not saying it is impossible, I say that you’re going to put a lot, a lot of time to realize this dream, and often the author/ director, drop the arm and move on to something else. He will have spent a lot of energy, money and time on a project for a long while he would have been able to turn one or two short films, get noticed and succeed in achieving a scenario of long…

If you write a short film, the producer will, beyond funding, to register your film in all the festivals possible and unimaginable. It will also help the CNC and the purchase of your short by a chain.

For other formats this is obviously the same thing ;o)

Find an developer for your scenario

If you are an author (and it is already well ;o)) and that, in order to maximize your chances of getting the product, you want to have a boost, you can put yourself on the hunt for a director. This is not an easy thing to do but it can be a sesame incredible. Obviously, we need to bet on the right ” horse “ and take a filmmaker that has its input…otherwise it is useless. The purpose is the same as finding a producer…except that the director will be a facilitator. Then, I tell you toutde a result, it is necessary to forget : Besson, Chabat, Megaton, Kounen etc…They are over booked and do ever read your project.

Small tip : if you have an actor who is ready to commit (to follow you) this can be a cocktail explosive. Nevertheless, ATTENTION!!!! All the actors, even those known, are not necessarily in the odour of sanctity in the middle. Choose a comedian that is known but a little loss of speed or black listed, and your project will never see the light of day. And I can tell you that you do not suspect that not even the actors which I think in saying this and that make you dream about !


Find a residence

Then I think that there a pair that reads these lines and who are wondering what I’m talking about. So I’m not talking about an apartment or a house, no ! Although… I’m talking about a writing residency, that is to say, a place where authors gather to write and share their experience. These workshops and the follow-up intense and custom emerged, as a general rule, scenarios are transformed and stronger !

This also gives you sometimes the credit to find a producer once you get out of a writing residency.


Find funding

Once your scenario is completed you can take the decision/ the party of wanting to achieve and produce your own scenario. In this case you should have a structure like an association to carry out the project, and then mount folders to get funding of the regions or any other structure allowing you to finance your film. This only works for a short film and not for a feature film ! If you venture to want to make a feature film through this, you will lose money, time and you will not be able to take out your film out of the shadows ! By this I mean thatno producer, distributor or TV channel will want to work with an association. In addition the quality of your film will necessarily be below that of a film produced ” normally “.


 Find a scholarship or a contest for his screenplay

Once your scenario is completed you can also try foundations or structures that organize competitions. Throughout the year there are contests in which you can apply for and offer your scenario. You can find the contest on the website of the CNC. Some of them have topics imposed or gender-imposed, but others are free to topic and genre, which means that you can compare your story to the jury of the contest. Never forget that what you write is never lost!!!! !

There are also foundations that help with the production of feature films, such as the fondation Gan pour le cinema, which supports the first and second films to see the light of day. There is also a competition for short films.


To Conclude

As you can see, depending on your format and the goal that you have with your scenario, it offers many, many possibilities. If you have any questions after this article don’t hesitate to ask below this one ;o)


That’s it for this article : ” What to do with a scenario ended ?”.

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Tom Weil



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