What train station was the untouchables filmed at?

What train station was the untouchables filmed at?

Chicago Union Station
The set-piece shootout, with Brian de Palma paying homage to the Odessa Steps sequence from Sergei Eisenstein’s silent classic Battleship Potemkin, was staged in Chicago’s imposing Chicago Union Station, 210 South Canal Street,(CTA: Quincy Station; Pink, Brown, Orange and Purple Lines in the Loop).

How much of the movie The Untouchables is true?

While the film is based on historic events, most of the film is inaccurate or fictional; the raid at the Canadian border never happened, and neither did the courthouse or railway station shootouts, Ness didn’t kill Nitti, (Nitti died by suicide in 1943, twelve years after the trial) and Ness’s unit had very little to …

How many of the untouchables were killed?

Two of the four Untouchables are killed in the movie. In real life, none of the actual Untouchables were killed, though some were injured during their battles against the mob. Frank Basile, an associate of Ness’s prior to the formation of the squad, was killed, but he was not officially an agent.

Who played Eliot Ness’s wife in The Untouchables?

Patricia Clarkson
The Untouchables (1987) – Patricia Clarkson as Ness’ Wife – IMDb.

Where was the Canadian border scene in The Untouchables filmed?

This Prohibition-era movie about federal agents fighting crime, corruption, and gangsters included a shootout scene that was filmed in Montana. Montana doubled as Canada in the film, with the Hardy Bridge on the frontage road between Cascade and Wolf Creek serving as the Canadian border.

Where was the last scene of The Untouchables filmed?

With multiple cameras, Burum captures the gruesome end of gangster Frank Nitti. This was filmed outside the Chicago Cultural Center.

Was Elliott Ness a real person?

Eliot Ness (April 19, 1903 – May 16, 1957) was an American Prohibition agent, famous for his efforts to bring down Al Capone and enforce Prohibition in Chicago. He was the leader of a famous team of law enforcement agents from Chicago, nicknamed The Untouchables.

Was Grand Central Station in The Untouchables?

Hi, in the Kevin Costner film, The Untouchables, the sceen with the stairs at the station is meant to be at Grand Central.

What was Malone’s address in The Untouchables?

1634 Racine
Although Malone’s address is given several times as 1634 Racine, the number that appears above the doorway about 20 feet from where Malone is sitting at home is 2034 .

What is the most memorable scene in the untouchables?

For me, that mastery reached its peak in one specific (and obvious) moment in The Untouchables. The movie as a whole ranks alongside Scarface and Carlito’s Way as one of De Palma’s most satisfying mainstream thrillers. But in a film full of stand-out scenes, it’s the Union Station sequence that is inarguably the most memorable.

What happened to the baby in the untouchables?

Back in The Untouchables, the bullets are still flying, and the baby’s still rolling down the Union Station steps in its wooden pram. A pair of unlucky sailors have been plugged by a gangster’s erratic aim (another nod to Potemkin ).

What makes Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables so controversial?

A second notable thing: De Palma has long been criticised as an overly violent filmmaker, particularly in his 80s cycle of films such as Dressed To Kill, Scarfac e and Body Double. It’s interesting, then, that De Palma chooses to reference one of the most shockingly violent scenes in all cinema for The Untouchables.

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