What unit is Kaibab?

What unit is Kaibab?

Unit 12A
Overview: Unit 12A, world famous for the Kaibab Deer Herd, is also home to one of the premier turkey populations in the state of Arizona.

What happened to the Kaibab deer?

The Kaibab Deer Investigating Committee recommended that all livestock not owned by local residents be removed immediately from the range and that the number of deer be cut in half as quickly as possible. Hunting was reopened, and during the fall of 1924, 675 deer were killed by hunters.

Where is unit 12B in Arizona?

Overview: Antelope in Hunt Units 12A/12B are found primarily in House Rock Valley on the east side of the Kaibab Plateau in the grassland/desert scrub. Pronghorn are also found along the edge of the plateau in the pinyon-juniper transition zone.

Can you hunt Kaibab National Forest?

Big Game Hunting Areas. Welcome to the North Kaibab Ranger District! The district office is located in Fredonia, Arizona, 7 miles south of Kanab, Utah. In 1908, the forest reserve north of the Grand Canyon, including the game preserve, was renamed the Kaibab National Forest.

Are there elk on the Kaibab Plateau?

Elk Hunting in Arizona Game Management Unit 12A Elevations vary from 3,000′ to more than 9,200′, with a large plateau, the Kaibab, comprising a majority of the unit.

Where is unit 13A in Arizona?

In 2018, the Department added the 13AN hunt unit for. This hunt unit encompasses the area of 13A north of HWY 389 and west of the Kaibab Paiute Indian Reservation. Recent surveys in the area indicate a bighorn sheep population distributed throughout the Cottonwood Points Wilderness and adjacent cliff habitat.

What does Kaibab mean?

“Kaibab” is a Paiute Indian word meaning “mountain lying down.” Most of the Kaibab Plateau was withdrawn from the public domain in 1893 as part of the Grand Canyon Forest Reserve.

What was the major cause in population loss of the Kaibab deer in the early 1900s?

In the early 1900s, for example, wildlife managers attempted to preserve a mule deer herd in the remote Kaibab Plateau of Arizona. Hunting was banned, and predators were destroyed. The results were severe overpopulation, habitat destruction, and mass starvation.

Where is the Arizona Strip for mule deer hunt?

There are two separate mule deer seasons that are offered annually in Arizona strip unit 13B. The first one would be the Arizona strip archery mule deer hunts in Unit 13B that start in mid august.

Who are the predators of the Kaibab deer?

The causative factors established included competition from other grazers such as cattle and sheep, but substantially the predator population. The animals that were predating on the deer comprised of coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, bears, and bobcats.

What unit is the AZ strip?

Unit 13B
Unit 13B, heralded as the “Arizona Strip,” is managed under alternative management guidelines which focus on the harvest of older age class, mature bucks.

Where does the name Kaibab come from?

The word “kaibab” is derived from a Paiute term meaning “mountain lying down,” their name for the Grand Canyon. The modern North Kaibab district was once part of the Grand Canyon Forest Reserve established in 1893.

Are there giant Kaibab mule Bucks in unit 12A West?

You never know just what kind of giant Kaibab mule deer buck might come in to visit the water hole you are hunting in Unit 12A West. This season is 21 days long with a high density of deer. You will find more deer in the higher elevations grouped up in bachelor herds.

What is A3 doing on the Kaibab?

When A3 was formed we were known mainly for the giant bucks we killed on the Strip units 13A and 13B. We still are! We still kill the biggest bucks to come form the Strip each year and as recently as the 2018 season we again killed the highest scoring buck from the Strip general hunts. But, this article will be focusing on the Kaibab units.

How do I get a Kaibab Archery Tag in Arizona?

If you are an archer with Arizona bonus points, and are tired of waiting for a Strip tag, you need to be applying for the Kaibab archery hunt. Non-residents can draw a Kaibab archery tag with 7+ points as opposed to 20+ points for a Strip archery tag.

What are the 12A and 12B units?

Over the next few weeks we will write in detail regarding all available deer options but this initial post will focus on the Kaibab units also known as 12A and 12B. These units are broken down into sub units 12A West, 12A East, 12B West and 12B for the rifle hunts.

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