What video games was Ellen Page in?

What video games was Ellen Page in?

Ellen Page’s character “Jodie” in the video game “Beyond: Two Souls” Sony / Beyond: Two Souls Responding on February 4, 2014, Russell told Weil he’d, “started to look into this,” but would need a few days to get all his facts together.

Is there a part 2 to Beyond: Two Souls?

No, there is no plan at the moment for a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls. We love starting new ideas and exploring different directions game after game.

Is Beyond: Two Souls based on a true story?

The man behind one of the year’s most anticipated games, Beyond: Two Souls, says there’s a true story – and real actors – behind its dark, spiritual journey. Chris Schulz reports. Beyond: Two Souls might just be the movie experience of the year.

Who acted for Jodie in Beyond: Two Souls?

actor Elliot Page
The other is an incorporeal entity named Aiden: a separate soul linked to Jodie since birth. Jodie, who is portrayed by actor Elliot Page, possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to Aiden, growing from adolescence to adulthood while learning to control Aiden and the powers they share.

Is Ellie based off Elliot Page?

Ellie was created by Neil Druckmann, the creative director and writer of The Last of Us. Following comparisons to the likeness of Canadian actor Elliot Page, Naughty Dog redesigned Ellie’s appearance to better reflect Johnson’s personality and make her younger.

Are there Jumpscares in Beyond: Two Souls?

The mirror monster in Beyond: Two Souls It builds up to a creepy jump scare in the garage, which is all well and good, but before that happens, you have the opportunity to wander around Jodie’s house and stumble upon a completely pointless jump scare.

Does Beyond: Two Souls have DLC?

Today sees the launch of the ‘Advanced Experiments’ DLC for BEYOND: Two Souls on PS3. This DLC is an additional scene for the game in which you test your rapid problem-solving skills as you guide Jodie and the mysterious entity Aiden through a series of tough training missions.

Are pictures of Ellen Page from Beyond Two Souls available online?

Which is to say, yes, of course, images of a naked Ellen Page from “Beyond: Two Souls” are very much available online. They’ve been available online since October 2013, when the game launched.

What is Beyond Two Souls about?

Beyond: Two Souls (2013) Live the life of Jodie Holmes, a young woman who possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to a mysterious invisible entity.

Does’beyond two souls’have a shower scene?

Here’s the “shower scene” from 2013’s “Beyond: Two Souls” as it appeared in the normal version game: Page’s attorney attempted to work out a fix with the game’s developer, Quantic Dream, first, the emails say.

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