What was Robin Williams surgery?

What was Robin Williams surgery?

“The 3 1/2-hour heart surgery was conducted to replace his aortic valve, repair his mitral valve, and correct his irregular heartbeat,” A. Marc Gillinov, MD, a staff cardiothoracic surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, says in the news release.

What year did David Letterman have bypass surgery?

(Originally published by the Daily News on Jan. 15, 2000.) Funnyman David Letterman joked with his doctors before undergoing successful quintuple heart bypass surgery at a Manhattan hospital yesterday.

Where did David Letterman have heart surgery?

As you may know, David Letterman had emergency heart surgery on January 14, 2000 at New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York. David Letterman’s surgeon was Doctor O. Wayne Isom, the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Did Robin Williams have open-heart surgery?

Robin Williams’ 2009 open-heart surgery could have contributed to the late star’s demise, possibly serving as a trigger to the comedian’s downward spiral to severe depression.

Did Robin Williams have heart disease?

March 6, 2009— — Despite a personal history of alcoholism, a family history of heart failure and being forced to cancel a comedic tour due to a heart-related problem, 57-year-old Robin Williams will likely emerge safely from his upcoming heart surgery, heart doctors agree.

Did Regis Philbin have heart surgery?

During his long tenure as the co-host of “Live!,” Philbin underwent an angioplasty in 1993 and triple bypass surgery in 2007. Today, he takes a widely prescribed medication known as a statin to lower his cholesterol and risk for heart disease.

Did David Letterman have quadruple bypass surgery?

David Letterman, host of CBS’s ”Late Show with David Letterman,” had successful quintuple bypass heart surgery yesterday at New York Presbyterian Hospital, according to his publicist. Mr.

How old was David Letterman when he had his heart surgery?

Letterman, 52, had the emergency surgery after a test yesterday morning revealed that an artery leading to his heart was severely constricted. On his show, Mr.

Who was Robin Williams heart surgeon?

The answer… Doctor A. Marc Gillinov of The Cleveland Clinic was Robin Williams heart surgeon.

Did Robin Williams have a pug?

As for the Pug, Leonard, Williams did adopt him back in March 2010 from Curly Tail Pug Rescue. And in an interview with The Telegragh (UK) he talked about little Lenny noting, “I also have a gay rescue pug called Leonard, who I take for walks, because I am very secure in my sexuality.

What kind of heart disease did Regis Philbin have?

Regis Philbin ‘s cause of death has been confirmed as a “myocardial infarction due to coronary artery disease,” according to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Farmington, Connecticut .

When did Regis have triple bypass?

During his long tenure as the co-host of “Live!,” Philbin underwent an angioplasty in 1993 and triple bypass surgery in 2007.

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