What was the biggest mule deer ever killed?

What was the biggest mule deer ever killed?

The Broder Buck: The World Record Non-Typical Mule Deer

  • 361 6/8 Inches. Net Score:
  • 355 2/8 Inches. Scoreable Points:
  • 22 1/8 Inches (Inside) Mass:

What is the state record mule deer in Idaho?

At its current score, the Shetler buck also becomes the new Idaho archery state record for a non-typical mule deer, easily surpassing the previous mark of 217 6/8-inches taken by James C. Ashley in Caribou County in 1977.

Who holds the world record mule deer?

Justin Gordon’s velvet mule deer scored an amazing 324 3/8″ and is now the largest bow-harvested VELVET Non-Typical Mule Deer in North America.

Where is the best mule deer hunting in Idaho?

With generous over-the-counter tags and any-weapon harvest seasons, and given it’s proximity to Idaho’s most populated area, Unit 39 is the state’s most popular and productive unit for mule deer hunters.

How wide is the world record mule deer?

34-inches wide
This big mule deer made Colorado his home until he was taken by an unknown hunter prior to 1970. The monster buck scores 258 B&C points and is 34-inches wide with eye-guards over 7-inches long.

What is the Idaho State record elk?

It will always we one of the most impressive bulls ever harvested. Michael Rutland with this giant 566″ World Record Archery Bull Elk taken at Broadmouth Canyon Ranch at our Idaho location.

What state has biggest mule deer?

Colorado: Colorado is king no matter how you slice the data. It puts out the most and biggest record mule deer bucks of any state in the country.

How big is the world record mule deer?

Sporting a gross score of 303 0/8 inches and a net score of 291 1/8 inches, the Bennett buck surpasses the former world record non-typical mule deer by 16 2/8 inches, a mark that had stood since Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.

What part of Idaho has the best hunting?

The Boise River Zone is composed of just a single hunting unit (Unit 39), which has been the top unit for elk harvest for two straight years and routinely competes with Unit 1 in Northern Idaho for the top spot. Things are also looking good in the Sawtooth Zone after a mild winter.

Is Idaho good for mule deer hunting?

Idaho has the genetics to produce great mule deer, but like its elk hunting, the state is managed more for hunter opportunity than it is top end potential. If you are looking for an opportunity to take a 185″ or better buck, you will want to focus on the controlled hunts in the central and western areas of the state.

Are there mule deer in Idaho?

Mule deer are widespread in the central mountains and southern deserts of Idaho, while white-tailed deer dominate the northern forested areas of Idaho.

What are the best mule deer units in Idaho?

Unit 11 is the best Mule deer, Rocky Mtn. elk, and Bighorn sheep trophy hunt in Idaho. Unit 11 has been a draw system hunt for the last 40 years, and has seen excellent management by Idaho Fish and Game. Due to this management the unit consistently turns out top quality bulls, bucks, and rams.

What is the biggest mule deer ever recorded?

Typical Rocky Mountain Mule Deer. This is the biggest mule deer scored as a typical entry in any record book. It edges the biggest typical mule deer in the Boone & Crockett record book, a 226 4/8″ monster taken by Doug Burris in 1972, by just over 2″.

What state has the largest mule deer?

Grand County elk, deer herds some of Colorado’s largest. Grand County and Middle Park are part of northwest Colorado which is home to the largest migratory herd of elk in North America. This same part of the state also has the largest mule deer population in the United States.

What is the biggest mule deer ever shot?

It’s official: Nevada bowhunter Frank Cheeney now holds the world record for largest typical mule deer ever taken with a bow. Cheeney shot the monster buck on Aug. 13, 2016 while hunting with his son, Aaron, in southeastern Nevada.

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