What was the first year of Bourbon County Stout?

What was the first year of Bourbon County Stout?

1992. Bourbon County Brand Stout was first brewed in celebration of the 1000th batch of beer brewed at Goose Island.

Who makes Bourbon County Stout?

Bourbon County Brand Stout Goose Island Beer Co.

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Should you age Bourbon County Stout?

If you do decide to let some of your Bourbon County Stout sit around for a bit, the original variety as well as the Birthday and Anniversary variants are your best bets, with Tracy proposing three to six months as a “safe” amount of time to age.

Who started barrel aging beer?

Eugene Rodenbach
Eugene Rodenbach started brewing Flanders red ale in the 19th century, after learning how to “ripen” beer in oak barrels in England.

How long do barrel-aged stouts last?

Styles such as pale ales, light lagers, wheat beers and brown ales are best within 120 days of packaging, whereas darker, heavier beers, like stouts and porters, are good for up to 180 days. Styles such as barrel-aged beers, sour ales and imperial beers are much more robust and last longer on shelves.

What is the ABV of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout?

Complex but well-balanced flavor that includes chocolate, vanilla and notes of the barrel. The potent 15.4% ABV offers some pleasant warmth but isn’t overly boozy. Easily one of the best of this year’s bunch, and likely to be one of the most sought after.

How do you drink Bourbon County Stout?

Pop off the cap of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout and be enticed by the oak-colored foam rushing to the top of the bottle. You’ll be subdued by the smoky scent of charred wood, coco, maple and vanilla. One sip will develop the notes further, adding complex layers of barley and malt.

Does Bourbon have to be made in Bourbon County?

1. Make Sure It’s Really Bourbon. Bourbon doesn’t have to be from Bourbon County, Kentucky to be called Bourbon, but it does have to adhere to a very strict recipe. The use of charred oak barrels, at least a 51% corn mash and a final proof of 160 or less are some of the broader qualifications for bourbon makers.

Is Bourban and whiskey the same?

Both Scotch and Bourbon use the same basic ingredients like yeast and water, but the primary ingredients are different. Scotch is mainly made from malted barley. It may be then combined with other grains. Single malt whisky is the most popular Scotch that contains 100% malted barley.

Is Bourbon County in Kentucky?

Bourbon County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kentucky. As of the 2010 census, the population was 19,985. Its county seat is Paris. Bourbon County is part of the Lexington–Fayette, KY Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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