What was the Temptations first song?

What was the Temptations first song?

On the Gordy imprint, Eddie Kendricks sang lead on the Temptations’ first charted single, “(You’re My) Dream Come True”, which peaked at number 22 on the R&B chart in 1962. Later that year, the Temptations began touring as part of the Motortown Revue.

What was the Temptations first number one hit?

My Girl
In March 1965, “My Girl,” becomes their first #1 Pop, million-copy best-seller and it goes on to become one of the all-time greatest songs ever recorded.

Who was the best Temptations lead singer?

In many ways, Paul Williams was the Temptations’ unsung hero. He and Eddie Kendricks were their original lead singers, but when of the Motown group broke worldwide and became soul heroes with “My Girl” in 1964, it was David Ruffin’s voice that rang out.

What was the Four Tops first single to reach #1 on the US charts?

After their first number 1 hit, “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)” in June 1965, the Four Tops released a long series of successful hit singles.

How many members of the Temptations are dead?

Williams stands as the last surviving member of the group’s core members, with Paul Williams dying by suicide in 1973, Bryant succumbing to alcoholism in 1975 and Franklin and Kendricks passing away from various health ailments during the 90s. Ruffin, meanwhile, died of a cocaine overdose in 1991.

Was Leon really singing in the Temptations?

His singing was done by Louis Price, a former member of the Temptations who sang with them in the 70’s. The only time Leon’s singing voice can be heard was in the scene where Otis and Melvin visit David’s apartment to warn him.

What happened to Denise Edwards?

Dennis Edwards, one of the former lead singers of the Temptations, died at the age of 74. Edwards died Thursday in Chicago and his cause of death was complications from meningitis, his wife Brenda Edwards told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

How many number 40 songs did the Temptations have?

This article presents the discography of Motown group The Temptations. Thirty-seven of their singles reached the Billboard Top 40 in the US, with four of them reaching #1. On the R&B singles chart, the group scored a record seventy-one Top 40 singles, with fourteen of those reaching #1.

Who are the Temptations?

The Temptations may refer to at least two groups 1. The Temptations are an American Motown singing group whose repertoire has included doo-wop, soul, psychedelia, funk, disco, rnb, and adult contemporary. Formed in Detroit, Michigan in… read more

How many Temptations albums did Gordy Records have?

All Temptations albums until 1987 were on the Gordy label except for the four Supremes /Temptations collaborative albums, which were released on Motown, and the two Atlantic Records releases. “*” ” Christmas Card “‘s peak position regards the Top Christmas Albums Chart.

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