What year was the big ice storm in Ontario?

What year was the big ice storm in Ontario?

The Ice Storm of 1998 hit the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Québec and portions of the northeastern United States from January 4 through January 10, 1998.

Why do ice storms occur in Canada?

“In the Ottawa area that moisture came northward and typically that warm air is lighter and it overrides the cold air.” So, rain is coming from warm air on top and passing through cold air below. If there’s a thick layer of cold air near the ground, the rain coming through it will turn to snow or ice pellets.

What is the record snowfall in Toronto?

Since then, the most amount of snow to land in one day at Toronto is 48.3 centimetres (19.0 inches) on December 11, 1944. Since 2003 the snowfall extremes were measured at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Before then, the weather station was in downtown Toronto.

When was the Big Freeze 2010?

The winter of 2009–10 in the United Kingdom (also called The Big Freeze of 2010 by British media) was a meteorological event that started on 16 December 2009, as part of the severe winter weather in Europe. January 2010 was provisionally the coldest January since 1987 in the UK.

Is winter the worst winter ever in Toronto?

Winter is usually a mess of ice and snow in Toronto, but it’s not common for them to be called the “worst winter ever.” Yes, it can be face-freezingly cold , but taking a long view it might not seem so bad. Trying to identify the “worst” winter is, however, difficult.

What was the snowiest winter on record in Canada?

The winter of 1937-38, for instance, still lays claim to the title of snowiest on record. More than two metres of snow—207.4 cms to be precise—dropped on Ontario that year and wild weather in Toronto caused highway pile-ups, bus crashes, and damage to the boats on the waterfront.

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Toronto?

These records were observed in downtown Toronto and go back to 1841. The lowest temperature measured during that time was -33 degrees Celsius (-27 Fahrenheit) on January 10, 1859. Environment and Climate Change Canada. Historical Climate Data. Historical Data Jay Lawrimore. 2016.

Was the great snowstorm of 1944 the worst in Toronto history?

Yet, it wasn’t actually the worst storm in Toronto’s history. The Great Snowstorm of 1944 wreaked havoc on Toronto. Winter storms don’t come much worse than the one that buried Toronto starting on Dec. 12, 1944.

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