When did MGB GT get rubber bumpers?

When did MGB GT get rubber bumpers?

And there was still another bumper change in store for the 1974 MGB; in September of that year, the (in)famous-yet-brilliant “rubber” bumpers were fitted, not just to U.S.-market cars, but for all markets.

When did mg go to rubber bumpers?

September 1974
Abingdon’s MG Car Club astonished to unearth original Rubber Bumper MGB IT WAS THOUGHT that the first Rubber Bumper MGB was produced and went on sale in September 1974, with the clear understanding that it was required to overcome the recently introduced legislation in the USA following the concerns over safety in cars …

How much do MGB rubber bumpers weigh?

Car Specifications – MGB ROADSTER Rubber Bumper 1975-’80

Vehicle Identification
Toe-In 1/16 to 3/32 in (1.5 to 2.3 mm)
Unladen Weight 2290 lb (1039 kg) 1975-1976; 2416 lb (1097 kg)
Curb Weight 2590 lb (1174 kg) 1975-1976; 2716 lb (1234 kg)
Gross Weight 2710 lb (1229 kg) 1975-1976; 2836 lb (1287 kg)

How do I restore my MGB rubber bumper?

When the surface is smooth to your liking and all of the imperfections are removed, wet sand the entire surface with 220-grit, wet or dry sandpaper with plenty of clean water. Rinse and dry again, using the lint free towels. MGB Rubber Bumper after final sanding and ready for finish.

Why did MGB get rubber bumpers?

“The rubber bumpers offer great protection in parking lots and when you get hit, making it a safer daily driver,” he says. The 1977-’80 MGB dashboard went back to a classic look, featuring round gauges and central warning lights.

What was the last year for chrome bumpers on the MGB?

The 1972, ’73 and early ’74 cars are also popular since they are the last of the chrome bumper cars, Dodd says. They have extra comforts like better seats with headrests, face level vents and a glove box, plus extra safety equipment.

Can rubber bumpers be repaired?

The good news for car owners is that rubber bumper damage can be easily and inexpensively repaired. All that is needed to repair some minor damaged areas is a heat gun, which can be found at most hardware stores. Other areas need to be treated with a flexible plastic filler and then refinished.

What kind of Bumper does a 1974 MGB have?

The earliest 1974 models, built in the fall of calendar year 1973, retained the small chrome bumper overriders with slender rubber tips used since 1970. The U.S.-market MGBs built in January 1974 received updated large rubber block overriders, complying with our then-new NHTSA regulations.

How do I clean the rubber bumper on this MGB?

Notice the dull, crazed finish on this MGB’s rubber bumper. Start by first removing all lights, bumper stickers, and the MG emblem, then clean the bumper with a good quality wax and grease remover. I used DuPont’s Prep-Sol ™ #3919S following the directions on the can.

Are rubber bumpers on MGBs worth it?

Kelvin Dodd, technical expert with Moss Motors, owns two rubber-bumper MGBs (’78 and ’80), and says they have advantages often overlooked. “The rubber bumpers offer great protection in parking lots and when you get hit, making it a safer daily driver,” he says.

What kind of engine does a MGB V8 have?

The MGB V8 was made in two styles, the original chrome bumper version, and the later rubber bumper version. British Leyland made both the MGB GT V8, which was for the home market, and the MGB with the four cylinder engine which was exported to the US market, using largely the same body and suspension.

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