When Visa Bulletin is updated every month?

When Visa Bulletin is updated every month?

The Department of State also has available a recorded message with visa final action dates which can be heard at: (202) 485-7699. The recording is normally updated on/about the 17th of each month with information on final action dates for the following month.

What is the priority date in Visa Bulletin?

Important terms in the Visa Bulletin Priority date: This is the date that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received your I-130 petition. Think of this date as your place in the green card line. You can find your priority date on the I-797 form mailed by USCIS approving your I-130 petition.

Will visa dates retrogress?

This results in visa “retrogression,” which refers to situations when there are more visa applicants for a certain category or country than there are available visas for that month. All other countries will remain current.

How often is Visa Bulletin updated?

The U.S. Department of State releases a Visa Bulletin every month that provides a summary on the availability of immigrant numbers for U.S. immigrant visas, also known as Green Cards.

What is final action date vs priority date?

A: The Final Action Date on the Visa Bulletin is the date when an immigrant visa is available and a green card may finally be issued. A green card case cannot be completed (approved) unless the applicant’s priority date is earlier than the Final Action Date listed on the Visa Bulletin.

Will final action dates retrogress?

In the November 2021 bulletin, the final action cutoff dates for employment-based visas according to are as follows: EB-1: All countries will remain current. All other countries remain current. EB-3 Professional and Skilled Workers: China retrogresses to March 22, 2018, while India retrogresses to January 15, 2012.

Can EB3 dates retrogress?

EB-3 India Final Action dates will retrogress by two years to January 15, 2012. EB-3 China will retrogress by 9.5 months to March 22, 2018. This is not all – retrogressions will impact Dates for filing as well. For India, the EB-3 Dates for Filing will retrogress to January 22, 2012, and April 1, 2018 for China.

How do I check my i 140 priority date?

The priority date is the date the DOL received your Labor Certification (PERM) or I-140 Petition. You can check the Visa Bulletin Here: http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_1360.html., and here.

What Happens When priority dates retrogress?

If the priority date retrogresses after you file, then you remain a pending applicant for adjustment of status and can apply for employment and travel authorization as a pending applicant or have your employer continue to maintain your nonimmigrant status.

Will August 2021 Visa Bulletin see similar jumps to July 2021?

The July 2021 visa bulletin took long jumps and the chances are very high that the August visa bulletin will see similar jumps to catch up with the ‘Date of Filing’ Chart. Interestingly, Charles has moved the dates in both EB2 and EB3 India DOF charts but USCIS is still not ready to accept the new i485 under this chart.

When will the eb2/eb3 Visa Bulletin move forward in India?

Our algorithm is still projecting a forward movement in both EB2 and EB3 India with the spillover in Oct 2021. This means that visa bulletin should see movement forward upto 2014 after April 2022 unless USCIS decides to waste a large number of Green cards. Charlie said that there are 280k EB numbers available.

Will family based petition dates change after November Visa Bulletin?

Hi friends, I was watching the reviews about the November visa bulletin and come across that it was predicted that till June or July 2022 family based petition dates may not change. It will remain same due to backlog. The video link I am given below

Will there be a green card Bulletin in October 2021?

Oct 2021 Prediction (Start of fiscal year 2022) These are the dates that am22tech thinks will be in Oct 2021 visa bulletin. These estimates are based on the assumption that about 140k green cards will spillover from Family category to employment category in Oct 2021.

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