When was the Vendee massacre?

When was the Vendee massacre?

The Memorial in Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne and the Vendée Historial. In Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne, the Vendée Memorial pays homage to the victims of the massacre of 564 villagers who had taken refuge in the parish church on 28 February 1794.

How many died in the Vendee uprising?

The fight for control of the Vendée lasted three years and produced violence and mass killing that left the Parisian Terror in its wake. Sorokin suggests a conservative death toll of 58,000 but the real loss of life in the Vendée in 1793-96 may well be closer to 200,000.

Why did the reign of terror happen?

With civil war spreading from the Vendée and hostile armies surrounding France on all sides, the Revolutionary government decided to make “Terror” the order of the day (September 5 decree) and to take harsh measures against those suspected of being enemies of the Revolution (nobles, priests, and hoarders).

How many Catholics died in the war in the Vendee?

Historians estimate the final death toll at somewhere near 200,000. Ever since, the Vendée has stood as a symbol of counter-revolution, and, for many of its supporters, of Christian martyrdom.

How many nobles were killed in the French Revolution?

85 per cent of those guillotined were commoners rather than nobles – Robespierre denounced ‘the bourgeoisie’ in June 1793 – but in proportion to their number, nobles and clergy suffered most. Some 1,200 nobles were executed.

Could the US have won independence without France?

It is highly improbable that the United States could have won its independence without the assistance of France, Spain, and Holland. Fearful of losing its sugar colonies in the West Indies, Britain was unable to concentrate its military forces in the American colonies.

Has the US ever fought France?

It has been peaceful except for the Quasi War in 1798–1799 and fighting against Vichy France (while supporting Free France) in 1942–1944 during World War II.

What is Republic virtue?

Essentially the Republic of Virtue was a political theory presented on February 5, 1794 by Maximilian Robespierre that advocated for the use of terror if it was defending democracy. It proposed a new state of religion that was meant to become a utopia that would be the ideal republic in France.

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