Where are all the Lorestones Kingdoms of Amalur?

Where are all the Lorestones Kingdoms of Amalur?

Odarath | Dalentarth Lorestones KoA: Reckoning Guide

  • 1 – Lorestone. The stone can be found north of the village, nearby where Aery is sitting.
  • 2 – Lorestone. Beside the entrance to Agnur Farhal.
  • 3 – Lorestone. Hidden on an island south of Waterhall Down.
  • 4 – Lorestone.
  • 5 – Lorestone.

How do you get to Dalentarth?

Dalentarth Lorestone 2 If you have no other landmarks, fast travel to Waterhall Down and follow the river east. When you hit the edge of the map, place the river behind your character and the map edge to the left. Follow the wall / map edge south and east to the camp. The lodestone will be at the bandit encampment.

How do you get to summer’s end?

Go into Windemere by following The Champions faction quest. Once there, cross the bridge to the southern island with the jump down point; the lorestone is on the west side of the island, at the bridgehead crossing the gorge to Summer’s End.

How do I get to Castle Windemere?

There is a main entrance/exit from Summer’s End in Windemere. In the area after defeating the maid there is an exit leading out to Odarath near the House of Ballads.

Where is summers end Amalur?

the valley of Windemere
Summer’s End is one of the most unusual settlements in the Faelands. The principal inhabitants of this village in the valley of Windemere are Wild Fae pacified by the Maid of Windemere using the power of prismere crystals.

How do you side with the Maid of Windemere?

When the Maid is reduced to 1% health, she’ll beg for her life. You may spare her and allow her to rule with you, or kill her. Grab the last Windemere Stone, then leave the castle and return to the House of Ballads. Speak with Hallam the White to complete the quest and receive your reward.

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What happens if you side with the Maid of Windemere?

If you choose to rule with the Maid of Windemere and you dispelled her enchantments on the Ballad heroes, they will not return to the House. It is suggested that you save your game before getting started with Sir Farrara.

Where can I find the Lorestones?

You can find details on the Lorestones in the status section of the pause menu. There are 5 Lorestones in each set, with the exception of the seasonal stones (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), which have 10 per set. The seasonal stones are spread all across the Faelands’ overworld and dungeons.

Where can I find the Lorestone in damalroc?

Locate the dungeon of Damalroc in the northern Caeled Coast; the lorestone is in the square room which leads to the the long hallway running to the dungeon’s southeast corner – where the “scales” room lies for the House of Sorrows faction mission, The Eldest .

Where is the Lorestone in Forsaken plains?

The lorestone is at the northern-most spur of the labyrinth (past Erion Raff and the five scrolls in A Pilgrim’s Setback ). The second of two stones in the Mull-Rane dungeon of Forsaken Plains (west).

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