Where are the Templar keys in Black Flag?

Where are the Templar keys in Black Flag?

You get the first key from Du Casse in the A Single Mad Man mission. After finishing This Old Cove and learning the purpose of the Templar Keys, you can now complete four tasks set by various Assassin Bureau leaders. Each task will lead you to one of the keys.

How many Templar keys are there?

five Templar Keys
There are five Templar Keys to find in the game, and each is unlocked via a series of Templar Hunt side missions. Find them all, and you’ll unlock a nifty set of armor that greatly reduces all damage you take.

How many Templar hunts are in black flag?

There are a total of four Templar Hunts in AC4, and each consists of four individual missions. Each mission nets you a modest sum of Reales that progressively increases with every subsequent mission.

Where are all the Templar hunts located?

Assassin’s Creed 4 Templar Hunt Guide

  • Templar Hunt Opia Apito – starts in Cayman Sound (327,334).
  • Templar Hunt Rhona Dinsmore – starts and ends in Havana (240,607);
  • Templar Hunt Anto – starts and ends in Kingston (623,172)
  • Templar Hunt Vance Travers – starts and ends in Nassau (633,784)

Where is the Great Inagua hideout located?

the Bahamas
Great Inagua is an island of the Bahamas, which in the early 18th century was home to a sizable plantation owned and operated by the French Templar Julien du Casse.

Where is El Arca del Maestro?

It is located close to the northern end of the green zone. As the green zone is located within a restricted area, make sure that you steer clear of the cones of visions of enemy ships as you go! The El Arca Del Maestro is a massive ship so it is not hard to distinguish it from others.

Where can I find the Templar key?

You’ll find this one while playing the story. It’s a required part of the This Old Cove mission (even though it’s technically the key you pulled from Du Casse in the previous mission). Once you’ve learned about the Templar Keys, you can begin collecting the other four.

What is Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag?

Set sail on the high seas in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, a pirate-filled adventure in the Assassin’s Creed saga. Nothing is True… Do Not Go Gently…

What is Templar Armor Keys Hunt?

Templar Armor Keys Hunt starts with the mission “ This Old Cove ” in Great Inagua. As you follow James Kidd through the Island, you’ll discover a mansion with great treasure and Templar Armor locked in a cage.

How do I unlock the Templar armor?

Each task will lead you to one of the keys. Once you collect all five, you’ll unlock the Templar Armor, which grants you an increased resistance to enemy attacks. It is sometimes difficult to figure out where the assassins are waiting for you as not all markers appear directly on the world map (only on the city maps).

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