Where can I find a Argonian in Oblivion?

Where can I find a Argonian in Oblivion?

Argonians are the reptilian natives of Black Marsh, a vast swampland province in southeastern Tamriel.

What are Argonians good for oblivion?

Argonians are best suited to the role of a close quarters Assassin. This is because Illusion, Alchemy, Mysticism, and Security are all valued skills for an assassin.

Did the Argonians invade oblivion?

The Argonians invaded Oblivion because of several factors. The only reason they got in in the first place is because of the Oblivion crisis, where due to the dragonfires expiring, Mehrunes Dagon saw an opportunity to invade the mortal realm. The Argonians invaded Oblivion because of several factors.

Where are Argonians?

Black Marsh
Argonians, also known as Saxhleel, are a species of lizardmen indigenous to the large marshy province of Black Marsh, a region of Tamriel on the planet Nirn. Due in part to their natural habitat and having to fight off other warring tribes as well as Dunmer slavers, they have become experts at guerrilla tactics.

Where does nightshade grow oblivion?

Grows in the Arcane University garden. On a table in the library of the Chorrol Mages Guild. Common around Skingrad, and southwest of Skingrad near a camp called Fat Ramp Camp. Commonly sold at The Main Ingredient in the Imperial City.

Who do Argonians worship?

Except for a few of the most assimilated, Argonians worship neither Aedra nor Daedra. They do not have “religion” as it is known elsewhere in Tamriel. They are known to venerate the Hist Trees of Black Marsh, but they do not appear to have prayers, priests, or temples.

Do Argonians tails grow back?

Argonains are not small lizards, they are more akin to crocodiles or larger varans and such. Those don’t regrow their tails, so argonians won’t either.

Did Argonians invade Morrowind?

The Argonians invaded Morrowind in 4E 6, devastating the southern half of the province. Little is known about the course of the invasion, save that Mournhold was sacked and the army of House Redoran was able to halt the Argonian advance.

How many Argonians are there?

This is quite the shame, as Argonians are often intelligent and skilled folk who have fantastic swimming skills and intricate marriage rituals. There are only three marriageable Argonians in all of Skyrim, but they all make wonderful companions if you can fulfill their marriage requirements.

Are Argonians asexual?

Despite this they are very intelligent, able to speak Tamrielic, wear jewellery and cast powerful magic. They are exclusively female, and are capable of asexual reproduction, though fables claim they can also interbreed with other mortal races.

Where can I find Argonians in Skyrim?

A female and male Argonian in Skyrim. Argonians or Saxhleel are an oviparous race of reptilian people native to the large and marshy province of Tamriel known as Black Marsh. They can be found in smaller numbers throughout the continent.

Who are the Argonians and what do they do?

Argonians are descended from the intelligent Hist trees of Black Marsh. Most of the Argonians are immigrants from Black Marsh, and all are highly skilled in the art of combat. The band of mercenaries known as the ” Blackwood Company ” is made up of mainly Argonian and Khajiit warriors commissioned by the Emperor.

Where are the Argonians in Cyrodiil?

Argonians are the reptilian natives of Black Marsh, a vast swampland province in southeastern Tamriel. For more information, see the main lore article. A list of all the Argonians in Cyrodiil can be found here.

What is Argonian card art?

Argonian card art from The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Black Marsh, (also known as “Argonia”), is one of the nine Provinces of Tamriel and the homeland of the Argonians. The Argonians are perfectly adapted to these swampland rainforests. The province is filled with “great inland waterways and impenetrable swamps.”

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