Where can I find the updated impression of the Xonar essence one Muses?

Where can I find the updated impression of the Xonar essence one Muses?

You can find the updated impression with the Xonar Essence One Muses edition at the end of the article, just before the pictures gallery. The desktop DAC/Amp from Asus comes with surprises on a few level. First it was bigger than how I see it in pictures.

How much does the Xonar essence one cost?

The Xonar Essence One is a hefty processor housed in an elegant, black-painted enclosure. The basic Essence One costs $599; the Muses Edition, which can be distinguished by the black color of the stylized lion graphic on the top of its extruded-aluminum sleeve, costs $899.

What is the difference between Asus Muse and Asus Xonar?

The Asus Muse Edition amplifier section is driven by the Muse 01 operational amplifiers chips and are different from the rest. However, the DAC chip used here in the Muse edition is the same as the lower and cheaper Asus Xonar siblings. Please correct me if I am wrong. Hello, how are you? How does this compare to the HP-A4? Cheers!

How does the TEAC ud-501 compare to the Xonar essence (Muses)?

The Teac UD-501 seems to directly compete with the Xonar Essence (Muses) in terms of price and functionality. Any chance you could get your hands on the Teac for a comparison?

Is the Asus essence one Muses Edition compatible with the O2 headamp?

Theoretically, Essence’s amp can dissipate a max. power of 1.86W vs. 0.65W for O2, so for 32ohms headphones Essence can drive 32ohms headphones up to about 7V (internal gain is the limiting factor to get a higher output voltage) vs. 4.5V on the O2 headamp. Thank You. Hi Mike, I have the Asus Essence One Muses Edition.

Is the Muses edition worth it?

The Muses Edition is a steal comparatively speaking. It’s extremely detailed, yes. At the moment I’m wrestling with a high bandwidth buffer oscillating at megaherz frequencies. Completely inaudible until it bakes itself and trips the thermo-protection.

What is the impedance of the Asus essence one?

The headphone output has the impedance of 10 ohms, so it would fit better with higher impedance headphones. Asus Essence One has swappable op-amps for those who want to take the performance to another level, like Asus did with the Essence One Muses edition.

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