Where can I get drug monographs?

Where can I get drug monographs?

Consumer health and drug information website of Express Scripts, Inc….For the Health Care Professional

  • RxList. The Internet Drug Index – part of the WebMD network.
  • Drugs.com.
  • Medscape Drugs & Diseases.
  • RxFiles.

What are the 4 steps of pharmacokinetics?

Think of pharmacokinetics as a drug’s journey through the body, during which it passes through four different phases: absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME). The four steps are: Absorption: Describes how the drug moves from the site of administration to the site of action.

What is a monograph FDA?

OTC drug monographs are a kind of “recipe book” covering acceptable ingredients, doses, formulations, and labeling. These monographs define the safety, effectiveness, and labeling of all marketing OTC active ingredients. New products that conform to a final monograph may be marketed without further FDA review.

Which of the following affects the distribution of a drug?

Drug distribution is affected by many factors, including plasma or tissue protein binding, body weight, body composition, and body fluid spaces (8). Of these, total body weight, muscle mass, and fat composition are the major determinants of drug distribution, and women may differ from men in both of these factors.

What are the 3 phases of drug action?

Drug action usually occurs in three phases: Pharmaceutical phase. Pharmacokinetic phase. Pharmacodynamic phase.

What is a scholarly monograph?

Scholarly monographs are single-volume works (books) providing in-depth research into a specialized area of knowledge. Unlike popular or trade books, which are geared toward general readers, they are written by faculty or other scholars in a field for an academic audience.

What is pharmacodynamics with example?

Pharmacodynamics (sometimes described as what a drug does to the body) is the study of the biochemical, physiologic, and molecular effects of drugs on the body and involves receptor binding (including receptor sensitivity), postreceptor effects, and chemical interactions.

What are 5 pharmacokinetic principles?

They are absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Each of these processes is influenced by the route of administration and the functioning of body organs.

How do you write a monograph thesis?

The following will describe a recommendation for the writing process of a monograph dissertation and provides tips for different phases.

  1. Research topic – initial outlining.
  2. Initial literature review.
  3. Research plan for dissertation.
  4. Research method.
  5. Planning experimental research.
  6. Realising experimental research.

What is a monograph PDF?

What Is a Monograph? The term monograph means writing on a single subject in Greek. It is derived from the Greek words mono (single) and grapho (to write). Focus is given on a single subject, usually on a scholarly subject, by an only artist or author, that is why it is also called a specialist type of writing.

What is the process of metabolism in pharmacokinetics?

Metabolism describes the chemical reactions that change drugs into compounds which are easier to eliminate. The products of these chemical reactions are called metabolites. The reactions are catalysed by enzymes and happen mostly in the liver, though some changes take place in the gut wall, lungs and blood plasma.

How do you read a monograph?

If you are reading a monograph, look at the full title page and its reverse. The publication data (author, title, place of publication, publisher, and date of publication) may or may not be important in interpreting the book. But you should consider when the book was written and who wrote it.

What are the four stages of drug metabolization?

The four stages are absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.

Is a PHD thesis a monograph?

A doctoral thesis may be written as a monograph or as a compendium of several shorter scientific or academic papers. We recommend that you make this decision early on in the doctoral process.

What is a monograph for OTC drugs?

An OTC monograph is a “rule book” for each therapeutic category establishing conditions, such as active ingredients, uses (indications), doses, labeling, and testing, under which an OTC drug is generally recognized as safe and effective (GRASE) and can be marketed without a New Drug Application and FDA pre-market …

What is monograph in pharmacy?

A publication that specifies for a drug (or class of related drugs) the kinds and amounts of ingredients it may contain, the conditions and limitations for which it may be offered, directions for use, warnings, and other information that its labeling must contain.

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