Where can I get my music reviewed?

Where can I get my music reviewed?

12 Music Review Blogs Which Accept Song Submissions

  • Little Indie Blogs.
  • Acid Stag.
  • Indie Music Review.
  • Louder Than War.
  • The Word Is Bond.
  • This Song Is Sick.
  • A&R Factory.

Is MusicSubmit any good?

MusicSubmit is a perfect fit for rookie artists looking to build up a press portfolio. Established artists should scan through this sampling of stations and blogs and decide if it’s worth the effort. SubmitHub is a better bet for pitching to popular blogs, and particularly for charting on Hype Machine.

What are the best websites to find out about music?

Pitchfork Pitchfork is a great in-between site that features both mainstream and indie artists. But they offer much more than just interviews and music reviews. We can’t forget their festival in Chicago. Keep your eye out for the lineup. Get a taste of Pitchfork ‘s style with this comprehensive piece on Ariana Grande’s thank u, next. 3. Performer

What are the best resources for musicians?

Performer is a full-service resource for musicians. They provide music reviews as well as equipment recommendations that will enhance your playlists and production quality. It’s the one-stop-shop for performers, producers and music junkies everywhere.

Do you need a PR team to get your music reviewed?

With countless tracks released every day, there’s no shortage of music review sites out there. We’re all familiar with the giants like Rolling Stone and Billboard, but any new artist will tell you that getting your name and story on those sites is like pulling teeth when you don’t have a solid PR team backing you up.

Will the Young Folks review my album?

Not only will The Young Folks review your album, they’ll do a show review too — See what they had to say about Riot Fest . And if you’re looking to dabble in television, movies and books, The Young Folks has you covered in those departments too.

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