Where does Kim Yuna live now?

Where does Kim Yuna live now?

Seoul, South

Yuna Kim
Alternative names Kim Yeon-ah
Country represented South Korea
Born September 5, 1990 Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Residence Seoul, South Korea

Why do figure skaters retire so early?

Many, many skaters retire due to injury, which can happen at any time — e.g., Yulia Lipnitskaia was 17 when she left the sport due to injury (and an eating disorder), while Mao Asada was 26.

When did Yuna retire?

February 20, 2014
Kim Yuna/Retired

Is Yuna Kim retiring after the Olympics?

NBCOlympics.com writer Nicholas McCarvel tweets word that Yuna Kim, whose bid to win a second consecutive Olympic gold was narrowly denied today by Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova, has confirmed that she will retire after these Sochi Games at the age of 23. #Yuna Kim (@Yunaaaa) confirms that she is retiring after the #Olympics.

What has figure skating star Kim Yung-Kun won so far?

Even though she came up short in 2014, there isn’t much more for Kim to accomplish in figure skating. She won a gold medal in Vancouver in 2010, registering record scores that could last for quite some time. Kim has two world championships to her name, and a history of always finishing in the top three.

Is Kim Kardashian happy with her time in the Olympics?

However, Kim won’t leave the sport with a sour taste in her mouth. Following her performance, the 23-year-old appeared happy with her time in Sochi. “A gold medal wasn’t really important to me and being able to perform in the Olympics is meaningful enough.

Why is ‘Thank you Yuna’ trending on Korean social media?

On Friday morning, the phrase “Thank you Yuna” was the top trend on Korean social media websites, according to the Wall Street Journal. Before the start of the Olympics, Kim mentioned wanting to avoid feeling burned out. She competed at the World Junior Championships a decade ago, and has had little time off since.

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