Where in Derbyshire are Blue John mines?

Where in Derbyshire are Blue John mines?

Blue John Stone is a rare, semiprecious mineral found at only one location in the world – in the caves of Castleton, Derbyshire in the Peak District National Park. This is a truly unique, “hands-on” experience enables you to work with Treak Cliff Cavern family and staff to get really hands-on with this unique stone.

Where are the Blue John Mines in England?

The Blue John Cavern is one of the four show caves in Castleton, Derbyshire, England….

Blue John Cavern
Location Castleton, Derbyshire England
Coordinates 53.3456°N 1.8035°WCoordinates:53.3456°N 1.8035°W
Geology Blue John
Entrances 1

Which Blue John Cavern is best?

Best Blue John Cavern – Treak Cliff Cavern

  • Europe.
  • Peak District National Park.
  • Hope Valley.
  • Castleton.
  • Castleton – Things to Do.
  • Treak Cliff Cavern.

Is Blue John a gemstone?

Blue John Stone is a semi precious stone with many veins, some rarer than others. The most common vein is called Cliff Blue Vein known for its vivid purple and white banding . Blue John Stone has been used to make many large ornamental items including Chalice’s, Bowls and Eggs.

Is Blue John a precious stone?

In our ceaseless quest for the finest materials we have been working with the rarest mineral in Britain – Blue John. This semi-precious stone is only found in in the depths of two caves near in Castleton, Derbyshire, first hollowed out by the Romans two thousand years ago.

Where can I see Blue John Cavern in the Peak District?

The world famous Blue John Cavern in Castleton in the Peak District has been said to be the finest that can be seen by the general public in Western Europe. We have great facilities including our new cafe (open at weekends) to enjoy a light snack before or after your tour of the cavern.

What can you see on blueblue John?

Blue John can be seen in its natural state along with stalactites, stalagmites and huge caverns. The trip is a great educational experience for young and old alike. See the Waterfall Cavern and the Grand Crystallized Cavern with its multi-coloured dome.

How do I get my own piece of Blue John Stone?

Learn about the geological formation of caves within the Peak District National Park while exploring and prospecting for your own piece of Blue John stone in the mines. Our expert craftspeople will guide you through polishing your selection and you’ll choose additional pieces from the workshop for other exciting projects.

What’s new at Blue John Stone?

The 15 minute piece focuses on the history and origins of Blue John stone, and tells the story (with the help of Vicky, Gary and John) of 3 recent exciting discoveries, The ‘Lost Vein’ Discovery, the new 15th vein of Blue John found called ‘Ridley Vein’ and a unique glimpse into the ‘The Hidden Depths’ beyond the Treak Cliff showcave.

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