Where in Dublin is the Academy?

Where in Dublin is the Academy?

We’re based in the heart of South Dublin in the Stillorgan Plaza, just across the road from Stillorgan Shopping Centre. We are served by three major Dublin Bus routes: 46a, 145 and 75, all stopping within a two-minute walk of The Academy.

What was the Academy Dublin called?

The Academy on Dublin’s Middle Abbey Street has been through a few iterations over the years. What began as HQ/Hot Press Music Hall of Fame (a partnership between MCD’s Denis Desmond, Hot Press magazine editor Niall Stokes and others which ended up in court over losses of €1.5 million) then became the Spirit nightclub.

How big is the Academy Dublin?

The Academy’s Main Room has a capacity of 833 including the mezzanine balcony. The intimacy of the room means that every punter gets to experience the show close up. This is where the biggest acts play, and where our weekly club nights take place. Academy 2 in the basement is the baby venue, with a capacity of 230.

Is the Academy Dublin over 18s?

All ages shows are usually over 14’s only, however for some shows an adult may be allowed to accompany under 14’s. No alcohol is served at all ages shows. Please email us on [email protected] if you want to double check any details. All late shows/clubs are Over 18’s only.

Who owns the Institute of Education?

Una Kearns – Owner – The Institute of Education | LinkedIn.

Is there seats in the Academy Dublin?

Design. The Main Room has a standing capacity of 650 people with capacity for additional 200 people on the upper balcony.

How many does 3arena hold?


Who owns the academy?

The Academy’s corporate management and general policies are overseen by a board of governors, which includes representatives from each of the craft branches. As of April 2020, the organization was estimated to consist of around 9,921 motion picture professionals….Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Abbreviation AMPAS
Website www.oscars.org

Is the Academy a seated venue?

The Main Room has a standing capacity of 650 people with capacity for additional 200 people on the upper balcony. The Green Room is located on The Academy’s ground floor and has a capacity of 550 people. It has a low slung ceiling and is used for live performances from electronic acts and DJs.

What is the capacity of the Olympia Dublin?

3Olympia Theatre/Capacity

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