Where is axiology beauty based?

Where is axiology beauty based?

Californian based brand Axiology produce vegan and organic lipsticks, lip crayons and soaps made with natural ingredients. Axiology are an independent brand.

Where is axiology sold?

Celebrating Axiology Launching in 100 ULTA Stores with a Bit of Nostalgia. To celebrate the launch of Axiology in 100 ULTA stores, I wanted to take a moment to reminisce on how we got here.

Where is axiology made?

All your packaging is made in Bali from recycled materials.

Why is axiology important?

Its significance lies (1) in the considerable expansion that it has given to the meaning of the term value and (2) in the unification that it has provided for the study of a variety of questions—economic, moral, aesthetic, and even logical—that had often been considered in relative isolation.

Who is the father of Axiology?

It is intimately connected with various other philosophical fields that crucially depend on the notion of value, like ethics, aesthetics or philosophy of religion. It is also closely related to value theory and meta-ethics. The term was first used by Paul Lapie, in 1902, and Eduard von Hartmann, in 1908.

When was Axiology founded?

I never thought I’d run a beauty company. I’m a capricorn, I probably eat too much tofu and I’m the founder of Axiology. I never thought I’d run a beauty company but, in 2013, when I learned that all of the lipsticks I owned were tested on animals I was horrified and set off on a mission to only buy vegan makeup.

What is axiology concerned with?

Axiology can be thought of as primarily concerned with classifying what things are good, and how good they are. For instance, a traditional question of axiology concerns whether the objects of value are subjective psychological states, or objective states of the world.

What is axaxiology lipstick?

Axiology lipsticks feel like a lip balm, but have the pigment and durability of a lipstick. Containing 9 organic ingredients, and no animal derivates, they are 100% vegan and proud members of the PETA “Beauty without bunnies” program.

Is axiology 100% transparent?

Axiology promises 100% transparency. The beauty industry is still keeping most of us in the dark about what’s safe and how companies source and manufacture their products. Axiology promises 100% transparency because it’s what we would want.

What is xaxiology made from?

Axiology packaging is made from recycled trash by a women-run cooperative in Bali, Indonesia. Palm oil causes massive deforestation and displacement of wildlife; sadly it is used in the manufacturing of most personal care products.

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