Where is Darkreach?

Where is Darkreach?

southwestern Ardenweald
Darkreach is a grove located in southwestern Ardenweald that fell long ago. It is being overtaken by the Drust, but in the time of the war between the Drust and early human settlers 2,000 years ago, the grove had been green and lush.

What is Darkreach?

Blackreach is a hidden dungeon buried deep under Skyrim. You can find it by delving deep through the Dwarven Ruins Alftand. Blackreach has a few exits in Northern Skyrim that will quickly lead back down to the gigantic dungeon: Great Lift at Alftand.

How do you get the chest in Darkreach?

Darkreach Supplies is south of Root-Home flight point in the Darkreach area. To get the treasure you have to jump on a mushroom and glide to the top of the dead tree in Darkreach.

Where is the moon’s cache?

This object can be found in Ardenweald .

How do you open the harmonic chest in Shadowlands?

To release the locking mechanism on the chest, you need to play both instruments at the same time. You’ll need two players for this—one on the harp and the other on the drums. Once you’ve both interacted with your instrument, run to the chest and you should be able to unlock it.

Can you go back to Blackreach?

After you initially access Blackreach, you can exit via the three great lifts (Alftand, Mzinchaleft and Raldbthar) that open up very close to their respective ruins. These are the fastest ways back in, but you can’t go down to Blackreach through them until you come up and open the gate that only opens from the inside.

Is there anything good in Blackreach?

Considering how large Blackreach is, it should be no surprise that there is a lot of loot to be found inside. The Dwarven Centurions have many great items on them, including powerful arrows, gemstones, and Dwarven parts necessary to make Dwarven Ingots or Daedric armor at the Atronach Forge.

Who is te Zan?

Te’zan is a wolf soulshape located in Ardenweald. He is a helpful soul and close friends with Niya, helping to protect the souls and wildseeds in the Shrouded Mire. He is initially seen asking for help when a caravan of souls is attacked by Starving Shadowstalkers.

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