Where is Lake-town in The Hobbit?

Where is Lake-town in The Hobbit?

Lake Pukaki, Canterbury Stunning Lake Pukaki was chosen as the location for Laketown in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

What happened to Lake-town after the Hobbit?

Afterwards, Lake-town was rebuilt in greater splendor than before with some of the treasure that Smaug had stolen, though the town’s Master ran off with some of the gold. Part of the town’s population followed Bard to resettle the Kingdom of Dale.

What is the town of Dale in The Hobbit?

Dale was situated in the valley between the south-western and south-eastern arms of the Lonely Mountain, nestled in a sharp U-shaped bend of the River Running. It was known as a merry town that traded, mainly in food-supplies, for the skills and craft-pieces of the Dwarves of Erebor.

What is the long lake in the Hobbit?

The Long Lake was the lake that lay to the south of the Lonely Mountain and Dale. On its western shore near the mouth of the Forest River was the site of Lake-town, home of the trading people of the Lake-men.

Is Lake Town in Lord of the Rings?

Esgaroth, or Lake-town, is a fictional community of Men upon the Long Lake that appears in the 1937 novel The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien….

Type Town built upon trade between Men, Elves and Dwarves in northern Middle-earth Lake city
Ruler Master of Lake-town
Other name(s) Lake-town
Location Wilderland

What happened to the Lake-town people?

The town is destroyed by Smaug, who attacks it as revenge for helping Bilbo and the Dwarves. The remaining Dwarves escape on a barge with Tauriel’s help. Bard (with Bain’s help) kills Smaug with a windlass. His falling corpse kills the Master and all on his barge.

Why did Smaug burn down Lake-town?

The Destruction of Lake-town took place when Smaug burst from the Lonely Mountain and flew over to Esgaroth to destroy the city and its people, in retaliation for the aid they gave to Thorin and Company on their quest to take back the treasure-hoard of Thrór.

Is Dale Lake Town?

A potted history of Dale and Esgaroth The first is Girion’s fabled city of Dale -— destroyed when the dragon Smaug sacked Erebor in the year 2770 of the Third Age. Then there is the Esgaroth, also known as Laketown. Built entirely of wood, Laketown stands upon wooden pillars sunk into the bed of the Long Lake.

What happened at Long Lake The Hobbit?

After Smaug’s demise, his dying body fell into the lake with a mighty crash. Smaug’s remains could be seen sticking out of the water from the shore of the lake, but people feared them and treasure-hunters did not dare approach the carcass.

Where is Lake-town located in The Hobbit?

Esgaroth, or Lake-town, is a fictional community of Men upon the Long Lake that appears in the 1937 novel The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. Constructed entirely of wood and standing upon wooden pillars sunk into the lake-bed, the town is south of the Lonely Mountain and east of Mirkwood.

What is the name of the Master of Lake-town?

The Master of Lake-town in The Hobbit is a dichotomy of behavior. He is a coward, loyal to his friend Bard the Bowman, surly to the people of his village, and yet still trying to be a leader in his own way. The Master of Lake-town has no name in The Hobbit.

How did the Master of Laketown greet the Dwarves?

The Master of Laketown greeted the Dwarves generously, but only to keep public spirits up. After the destruction of Laketown and Smaug’s death, the townspeople denounced the Master as a coward and wanted Bard as their King.

How would you describe Lake-town?

Lake-town is portrayed much larger than in Tolkien’s illustrations, not built on a single square ramp, and having many ‘blocks’ and canals. It is run by a heavily corrupt Master, aided by Alfrid.

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