Where is NC State Stadium located?

Where is NC State Stadium located?

Carter-Finley Stadium
NC State Wolfpack football/Arenas/Stadiums

How big is Carter-Finley Stadium?

In its 50 years of existence, Carter-Finley Stadium (with a capacity of 58,000) has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting venues in college football, mainly due to the dedication of Wolfpack fans.

Who owns Finley stadium?

City of Chattanooga Hamilton County The Stadium Corporation
Finley Stadium

Location 1826 Carter Street Chattanooga, TN 37408
Owner City of Chattanooga Hamilton County The Stadium Corporation
Operator Stadium Corporation
Capacity 20,412

What is the capacity of Death Valley?

Memorial Stadium/Capacity

Who uses Carter-Finley Stadium?

Beautiful Carter-Finley Stadium is the home of NC State University football and also plays host to the N.C. High School Athletic Association state championship games. The 117,000 sq. ft. Vaughn Towers on the west side includes 51 luxury suites and 955 club seats.

What is the history of NC State’s new stadium?

NC State coach Earle Edwards long dreamed of a day when his championship teams could play in a new stadium. That dream began to become a reality in 1962 when the Wolfpack Club and NC State commissioned a feasibility study to develop the details of a new stadium.

Is this the perfect home for NC State football fans?

Now, it’s the perfect home for almost 60,000 NC State fans. Wolfpack players are as comforted by a rabid sea of red as opposing teams are bothered by it.

What was the original capacity of the Carolina Panthers Stadium?

Seating capacity was originally listed at just over 40,000. Less than 10 months before construction was completed, Raleigh philanthropist A.E. Finley and Associates gave $290,000 to finance a fieldhouse in the north end zone, with lockerroom facilities for two 55-player teams.

Who designed and built the Duke Stadium?

He hired NC State design professor Charles H. Kahn as the primary designer and Milton Small and Associates as the construction contractor. The erector-set stadium went up at a fast pace, with each of the 16 of the pre-stressed concrete support beams for the upper decks poured on site and the bleacher supports being trucked in from Durham.

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