Where is Tanjung Pelepas my?

Where is Tanjung Pelepas my?

Where is the Port? TANJUNG PELEPAS is located at Indonesia, Singapore Area in Malaysia at coordinates N 01° 23′ 07.79″ – E 103° 32′ 27.60″. The official UN/Locode of this port is MYTPP.

Who owns Tanjung Pelepas port?

About Port of Tanjung Pelepas PTP is a joint venture between MMC Corporation Berhad (70%), a utilities and infrastructure group and APM Terminals (30%), a leading global ports group with a global port network in 62 countries.

How big is port Tanjung Pelepas?

The port development area covers 2,000 acres for the port terminal and 1,500 acres for the free trade zone. The port has a harbour with a draft of 15 – 19 metres, and a turning basin of 720 metres. The 2007 master plan of the port envisages over 95 berths with 150 million TEU terminal handling capacity.

How many ports are there in Johor?

Two main ports in Johor on course to meet target of handling 9.5 mln TEUs. PASIR GUDANG: The two main ports in Johor; the Johor Port in Pasir Gudang and Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) are on course to meet a target of handling 9.5 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) this year.

How many ports are there in Malaysia?

Today Malaysia counts 8 federal administrated ports, which are respectively: Port Klang, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Port, Penang Port, Bintulu Port, Malacca Port, Kuantan Port and Kemaman Port.

What time is it in Tanjung Pelepas?

Current local time in Tanjung Pelepas

Current Date: Tuesday 11 January 2022
Current Time: 19 : 24 : 46
Time Zone: Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
GMT/UTC: + 8 hours
DST: No time changes this year!

Who owns Johor Port?

Johor Port Berhad

Johor Port
Owned by Johor Port Berhad
Available berths 26
Website www.johorport.com.my

How many ports are in Malaysia?

Where are the ports in Malaysia?

The main container handling ports are located at the west-coast of peninsular Malaysia, while the major bulk handling ports are on the east-coast and in Sabah and Sarawak (Borneo).

Is Port Klang and Port Kelang the same?

Port Klang (Malay: Pelabuhan Kelang or Pelabuhan Klang) is the principal port in Selangor, a state of Malaysia. It also serves as the port for the Klang Valley, Malaysia’s most developed region where the capital Kuala Lumpur is located. The port nearest to Port Klang town is known as the South Port.

What port does MMC use?

What port number would the mmc need open?? For remote administration, the ports that are required are TCP 135 and 445.

How many ports are there in Taiwan?

ports in Taiwan (15)

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