Where is the Franchi Instinct SL made?

Where is the Franchi Instinct SL made?

Franchi’s new Instinct line is an Italian-made 12- or 20-gauge over/under shotgun that is well built, feels good and costs under $1,200. Franchi shotguns are made in Brescia, Italy, down the street from the Beretta factory.

Will Benelli chokes fit Franchi?

They will not fit the newer Franchi’s. The new ones use the Mobil system found on the Benelli and Beretta like Duckwise said.

Why is 12 gauge so popular?

The 12 gauge is so popular because it’s powerful enough to hunt most species of game, but the recoil of a 12 gauge is much more manageable than the 10 gauge. A 12 gauge shell also has advantage over the smaller gauges because it has a shorter shot column.

Is the Franchi instinct L 12 gauge shotgun good?

Review: Franchi Instinct L 12 Gauge O/U The tested shotgun is the second half of the newly revitalized Franchi brand, joining the Franchi Affinity models previously, and very favorably reviewed.

How much does a Franchi instinct SL weigh?

Trips to the range, a round of clays, some spring turkey hunting; it all contributes to long-term success, which translates to meat in the cooler and many fine meals. Weighing 5.3 pounds, the Franchi Instinct SL is marketed by Benelli USA.

What is an instinct SL rifle?

Featuring high-quality walnut furniture and rich bluing, the Instinct SL is a combination of old-world thinking, modern technique and advanced engineering marketed for the upland hunter and sporting-arms enthusiast. Franchi offers its SL series chambered for gauges 12, 16, 20, 28 and includes .410 Bore in the lineup.

Is the Franchi instinct SL the right gun for wing shooting?

September is here and hunters can’t wait to get out in the woods for some Wing Shooting. The magnet for this is a Franchi 20-gauge over-and-under shotgun, the Instinct SL, with which we opened the 2012 grouse season rather successfully. He likes the gun so much he bought it, which says everything there is to say about a firearm.

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