Where is the USS Shangri-La now?

Where is the USS Shangri-La now?

On July 30, 1971, she was decommissioned and came to rest at the Atlantic Reserve Fleet Philadelphia. But her bell stands proudly in JU’s Tillie K. Fowler Building where the USS SHANGRI-LA Reunion Group installed it on Sept. 6, 2017.

What is the USS Shangri-La named after?

CV-38 was named Shangri-La after a fictitious Himalayan kingdom described by James Hilton in his novel, Lost Horizon. During World War II, just after the Halsey-Doolittle bomber raid on Tokyo of 18 April 1942, President Franklin D.

What was the type of ship USS Shangri-La?

Essex-class Aircraft Carriers
The USS Shangri-La was one of 24 Essex-class Aircraft Carriers commissioned by the U.S. Navy in the 1940s, constructed in the long-hull version of the design. Stretching 888 feet in length, it carried a complement of 3,448 officers and men, and held between 90 and 100 aircraft.

What navy ships are mothballed in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ship Class Type
USS Barry (DD-933) Forrest Sherman Destroyer
USS Boone (FFG-28) Oliver Hazard Perry Frigate
USS Boulder (LST-1190) Newport Landing Ship, Tank
USS Canon (PG-90) Asheville Gunboat

What is the oldest US aircraft carrier in service?

In January 2015, Nimitz changed home port from Everett back to Naval Base Kitsap. With the inactivation of USS Enterprise in 2012 and decommissioning in 2017, Nimitz is now the oldest U.S. aircraft carrier in service, and the oldest serving aircraft carrier in the world.

Is there a real Shangri-La?

Since James Hilton imagined Shangri-La in his bestselling 1933 novel Lost Horizon, a host of Himalayan areas have laid claim to this earthly Eden. But only one place—Zhongdian in China’s southwestern Yunnan Province—has officially gone by the name Shangri-La County since 2001.

What is the legend of Shangri-La?

The mythical land of Shangri-La is the novelist James Hilton’s fictional account of the legendary Tibetan paradise Shambala. In Hilton’s 1933 novel, Lost Horizon, he changes the name of the paradise to Shangri-La. This lost Tibetan paradise is a valley cut off from the world.

What happened to the USS Shangri-La CV 38?

USS Shangri-La (CV 38) In March 1947, she deployed again, calling at Pearl Harbor and Sydney, Australia. When she returned to the United States, SHANGRI-LA was decommissioned and placed in the Reserve Fleet at San Francisco on 7 November 1947. SHANGRI-LA recommissioned on 10 May 1951, Capt. Francis L. Busey in command.

Did the USS Shangri-La fight in WW2?

USS Shangri-La (CV/CVA/CVS-38) was one of 24 Essex -class aircraft carriers completed during or shortly after World War II for the United States Navy . Commissioned in 1944, Shangri-La participated in several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations in World War II, earning two battle stars.

How many stars did the USS Shangri La Reunion have?

He notified the USS Shangri La Reunion Group, who repaired and restored the bell before loaning it to the NROTC unit. Shangri-La earned two battle stars for World War II service and three battle stars for service in the Vietnam War .

Where was the USS Shangri-La (SSRN) launched?

Shangri-La, an aircraft carrier, was laid down by the Norfolk Navy Yard, at Portsmouth, Va., on 15 January 1943; launched on 24 February 1944; sponsored by Mrs. James H. Doolittle; and commissioned on 15 September 1944, Capt. James D. Earner in command.

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