Where should I place my logo?

Where should I place my logo?

The two most common areas to put a logo are the header (usually in the top left) and the favicon, the small icon next to your address bar or the title on your browser tab. For the header, ensure your logo is legible on different screen sizes so it makes an impact as soon as someone lands on your page.

Should a logo be on the right or left sleeve?

Most logos are left chest aligned allowing for a name, or a name patch to be placed on the right of the persons chest. The inside edge of the collar is used as a vertical center line for aligning the logo or design.

How far down should a logo be on a shirt?

Use a tape measure and measure 2” to 3.5” down from the collar on the front or back of the shirt. The idea is for the design to be printed on the intersection of the center line of the tee and the chest line. This will give you perfect placement on your custom shirts every time!

Should embroidery be on left or right side?

Embroider on inside, so that when cuff is turned down, embroidery is right-side-out. Shirt fronts Consider size of garment and shape of design. Generally, the top of the design should be 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 inches from garment neck, centered between left and right seams.

Where should I put logo on my website?

Places to Put a Website Logo

  1. Top Left. It is recommended that placing it to the left is the ideal spot to improve brand recognition and UX.
  2. Footer. Contrary to popular belief, footers are a highly visible section of a website.
  3. Off-Site Blog or Subdomain.
  4. Contact Page.
  5. Thank You or Confirmation Page.

Why is the placement of a logo important?

In addition to having a superior logo design, the logo placement is key. By properly placing the logo on packaging, customers are able to quickly recognize their favorite brand. It’s best to place your logo at or near the top of your product’s packaging. This location creates a perception of power for your customers.

Which side should a logo be?

They’re aligned to the way we read. When you look at most websites, their logos are always placed on the left-hand side, and the main reason is that people in the western world read and write from left-right. Except for Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, where the written word is read from right to left.

Why are logos placed on the left side?

When users scan sites, their visual gaze leans toward the left. A logo placed on the right will get fewer visual gazes, which results in weaker brand recall. Placing your logo on the left gives it more visual gazes, which allows more users to remember your brand.

Where should a logo go on a shirt?


  1. A: The measurements for a logo that is going to be placed on the front of a shirt should be centered between the left and right seams and begin 4”-6” inches from the neck collar.
  2. A: The most common logo placement on a shirt is on the left chest.

What is placement print?

In fashion, “placement print” is what you call a fabric that has a large motif or design that is then strategically placed on a garment for maximum impact.

Where do you put embroidery?

Center the design on the pocket. Some pockets have embroidery designs (monograms) on the top left corner. You will have to do the embroidery before sewing the pocket to the shirt. If you are embroidering on a ready-made shirt place the design so that it is some 1/2 inch above the pocket, centered.

How to embroider logo on turtlenecks?

The width of the logo should be 1.5 inches maximum. Logo embroidery of a turtleneck is done between Center and Left shoulder seam. The logo should be on the left side of the neck cuff. Do not digitize logo for embroidery more than 1 inch high for turtlenecks. Small monograms are embroidered on ties at two different places.

What is the proper placement for embroidery?

Embroidery Placement Guide Article Placement Clothing Polo/Golf Shirts (left chest) 7″ – 9″ down from left shoulder seam, centered between placket and side seam, or 4″ – 6″ to the right of placket. T-Shirts (left chest, no pocket) 7″ – 9″ down from left shoulder seam, between center and side seam, or 4″ – 6″ to the right of center.

How to embroider a logo on a T-shirt?

If the embroidery of a logo is to be done on a T-shirt then the placement of the logo must be in the center of the chest, 4 to 6 inches down from the neck seam. The smaller sized logos are usually placed on the left side of the chest 7 to 9 inches down from the shoulder seam. Polo Tops and Shirts:

Why is the placement of embroidered logos so important?

That is the rule of thumb but for other apparel variations, we will describe things in detail. The placement of embroidered logos is as much important as the designing. The aesthetics, visibility and impact of the logo is connected and conditioned with its placement. The right placement can strike the right notes.

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