Where should I stay in Marbella for nightlife?

Where should I stay in Marbella for nightlife?

Best Places to stay in Marbella for Nightlife Holidays

  • The Marbella Heights Boutique Hotel ****
  • Amàre Beach Hotel Marbella – Adults Only ****
  • La Villa Marbella – Old Town.
  • Hotel Claude Marbella ***
  • Linda Boutique Hotel ****

Where is the main part of Marbella?

Downtown provides a more poppin’ holiday setting than Old Town. While Old Town is pretty laid back, Downtown is where the main hustle and bustle is. For late-night living, yummy dining, and a look into the center of Marbella, this is the place to be.

Why is Marbella so popular?

It was in the 1960s, during Spain’s development boom, that the Costa del Sol became southern Europe’s tourist hotspot. Working-class holidaymakers thronged the public beaches and an emerging class of jet-setters found a piece of paradise in Marbella.

Which is better Marbella or Puerto Banus?

You have to understand that Marbella is a working town where locals live and work, while Puerto Banús has a much more tourist resort look and feel. Marbella historic centre is one of the most beautiful in the area, very well preserved and lovely to walk.

Where do the rich and famous go in Marbella?

Here are just some of the best luxury hotels in the region, and some of the celebrities who like to visit them:

  • The Marbella Club. It would be impossible to talk about luxury and celebrity in the Costa del Sol without mentioning the Marbella Club.
  • Hotel Villa Padierna.
  • Kempinski Hotel Bahia.
  • Private Villas and Yachts.

What is the best area to stay in Marbella?

The best place to be is in the downtown area, especially since you will not have a car. You will be close to Orange Square, which has many good stores at affordable prices, and there are many restaurants nearby. The paseo maritimo is wonderful to walk by at sunset, and it has about 40 restaurants there.

Where to stay in Marbella?

The best area to stay in Marbella is the beach area in the city centre, which is where the Old Town is found and lying at the heart of it is the popular “Orange Square”.

Is there a Grand Hotel in Spain?

Gran Hotel is a Spanish TV series (produced and aired by Antena 3) that takes place in beginning-of-the-century northern Spain, in the fictitious Gran Hotel. It stars Yon González and Amaia Salamanca , among others, and is filmed in several points in Santander, with the Palacio de la Magdalena standing as the eponymous Gran Hotel.

What is the best hotel in Madrid?

Where to Stay: Some of the city’s nicest hotels are tucked into the tree-lined avenues of barrio Salamanca . Recommended: The Gran Melia Fenix and the Hotel Villa Magna are both considered among the best places to stay in Madrid.

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