Which block couple split up?

Which block couple split up?

Shaynna Blaze and Steve Vaughan Shaynna, 56, publicly announced the couple’s split via Instagram, saying “Sometimes in life, our paths change directions.” Shortly after, Steve was revealed to be seeing 58-year-old Melbourne mother Andi Hall, who is now sporting a diamond ring.

Why did Darren and Deanne Jolly split?

Darren and Deanne had announced their split in September last year after 15 years of marriage. Darren told his former team mates his mental health became so bad around that time that he ‘almost did something stupid and ended [his] life’. ‘Everything was too much to handle and I lost control.

Are Dee and Daz from The Block still together?

Darren and Deanne announced their split in September 2019 after 15 years of marriage. They were popular contestants on Channel Nine’s renovation series The Block, appearing twice in 2014 and 2015, and winning the latter season. Darren has made no secret of his battle with mental illness since the split.

Are Dan and Carleen still together?

So, imagine our dismay when we found out that one of this year’s The Block hopefuls, Carleen and Dan have separated after living together for 32 years! Carleen spoke to Woman’s Day magazine to confirm that she and Dan were living separate lives. She has stayed in Perth, while Dan moved a few hours away.

Are Elise and Matt still together?

‘It still feels like a dream’: The Block’s El’ise and Matt celebrate eight years of marriage – and reveal the reason why the day is extra special. The Block stars El’ise and Matt Bothe celebrated their eight-year wedding anniversary on Monday.

Is Mel married Jesse?

Young lovebirds Jesse and Mel are yet to tie the knot, but they reveal that now The Block is coming to an end they can’t wait to start a family. And, that takes priority over a wedding. Jesse and Mel have big plans after The Block wraps up. “We want kids first,” Mel says.

Who is Darren Jolly wife?

Deanne Jollym. 2004
Darren Jolly/Wife

Who is Darren Jolly married to?

Darren Jolly/Spouse

Is Darren Jolly married?

Is Mel and Jesse still together?

Jesse And Mel In The Block 2019 Show Jesse was on the show last year the auctioneer response for selling Hans and Courtney apartment and giving them a profit amount of $410,000. Jesse and Mel have been together for three years and having to start to be like this happily.

What happened to the couples from the block?

The Block proved to be make or break for these couples, who split after the gruelling show. The Block judge Shaynna Blaze shocked Australia when she announced in 2018 she and husband, Steve Vaughan, had split after 18 years of marriage.

How many couples have broken up on the block Australia?

Out of the fourteen seasons of The Block Australia, there have been 41 couples (not including the platonic pairs that have graced our screens). Out of this 41, only 3 of the couples have broken up – reasonably good odds if you ask us.

Are the block’s Paul and Kylie Minogue still together?

Speaking to The Interiors Addict in 2013, Gavin said “we were selected for The Block in 2003 and it literally changed our lives forever”. 15 years on, Paul and Kylie are still together and running their plumbing and maintenance business, ‘ New Era ‘.

Are Hannah and Hudson from the block still together?

The underdogs who somehow won the fourth season of The Block, are still together and in October 2017 welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Scotland. Scotland is brother to Hudson, born in March 2016. The childhood sweethearts are still together and raising their two boys.

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