Which green chilli sauce is best?

Which green chilli sauce is best?

We chose Naagin Indian Hot Sauce (Kantha Bomb) as the best green chilli sauce brand in India for dipping. Our Top Pick in the cooking segment is Del Monte. They won for their fiery heat and unparalleled concentration of flavor.

Is chings green chilli sauce spicy?

The Ching’s Secret green chilli sauce will give your dishes a delicious buzz with its Jwala green chillies, tangy vinegar, and spices….Versatile Sauce.

Brand Ching’s Secret
Model Name Green Chilli
Quantity 90 g
Type Sauce
Classification & Use Marinade, Vinaigrette

How do you use chings green chilli sauce?

  1. Add Ching’s green chilli sauce to your stir-fries, noodles and fried rice.
  2. Serve this Chinese sauce with snacks as dip-ins.
  3. Use in marinades.

What is the price of green chilli sauce?

Chings Secret Green Chilli Sauce, 680 g Bottle

MRP: Rs 85
Price: Rs 80.75
You Save: 5%
(Inclusive of all taxes)

What are the benefits of eating green chilli?

10 Health Benefits of Green Chillies

  • Great for a healthy diet.
  • Improve your skin regime.
  • The perfect cure for a stressful week.
  • Lower your body temperature.
  • Natural source of iron.
  • Balance blood sugar levels.
  • Improve your immune system.
  • Pain reliever, digestive and ulcer preventative.

Is chings green chilli sauce good?

Ching’s Secret Green Chilli Sauce is the height of Desi Chinese Zinginess! It is made from Jwala green chillies, tangy vinegar and spices. It can impart a delicious buzz to fried rice, noodles, to salad dressing and your favourite snack. It can be used as a flavour enhancer in many other dishes too.

What is the cost of soya sauce?

Soya Sauce at Rs 20/bottle | Soy Sauce | ID: 15134715848.

Does chilli burn belly fat?

Eating plenty of lean protein and fibre-loaded fruit and veg will boost the sluggish digestion that may be impeding your weight loss. Add spicy chilli, cinnamon, peppers and ginger, and their thermogenic effect is the best way to burn belly fat and will help speed up fat burn by up to 200 calories extra each day.

Is soy sauce bad for health?

High in sodium. Just 1 tablespoon of soy sauce contains nearly 40% of the daily recommended 2,300 milligrams of sodium. Salt is an essential nutrient that our body needs to function. But too much of it can increase blood pressure and lead to heart disease and stroke.

Who should not eat green chillies?

Side Effects of Consuming Green Chillies in Excess

  • Since green chilli has a good amount of dietary fibre, eating too many may result in loose motion or diarrhoea.
  • Overeating green chillies can cause rectal inflammation.
  • Green chillies may increase heat in your stomach which makes them detrimental for pregnant women.

What can I do with Ching’s green chilli sauce?

Add Ching’s green chilli sauce to your stir-fries, noodles and fried rice. Perfect dining table companions!

What is the best sauce for Desi Chinese food?

The zingy Green Chilli Sauce that adds a buzz to any snack. This sauce is the perfect way to enhance the flavours of your favourite Desi Chinese dishes. You can also try – the rich brown Soy Sauce which is great for stir-fries and marinades.

What is chilli sauce made out of?

The edgy Chilli Vinegar that makes Desi Chinese dishes come alive and The Red Chilli Sauce that’s a great snack dip. Water, Green Chilli, Salt, Modified Maize Starch, Sugar, Acetic Acid (Acidifying Agent), Garlic Powder, Xanthan Gum (Stabilizing Agent), Sodium Benzoate (Added as Preservative).

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