Which MTN Bundle is best for data?

Which MTN Bundle is best for data?

The best data subscription packages include:

  • MTN Pulse Data Subscription (*406#)
  • MTN Midnight Data Subscription (SMS)
  • MTN Offer Bundles (*121*6#)
  • MTN Wingback Promo (*131*65#)

What is the cheapest MTN data plan?

The cheapest monthly plans still remains flat 1000 Naira for 1.5GB (used to be 1GB years back) and 1,200 Naira for 2GB. However, an even better option for MTN Cheap Browsing is the newly introduced 3GB plan, which goes for just 1,500 Naira.

How much is MTN 40GB data?

MTN 40GB data plan code and price The MTN 40GB data plan is now N10,000. To subscribe, Text “117” to 131. Valid for 30 Days (one month).

How can I get 1GB for 200 on MTN valid for 7 days?

How Can I Activate MTN 200 for 1GB? You can activate the 200 naira data plan by dialing 13165*2# or you can also dial *567#. After this process you have successfully subscribed for the data plan.

How much is 20GB of data MTN?

New bundle prices

Anytime Bundles Night WAS
6GB 6GB R399.00
10GB 10GB R469.00
20GB 20GB R699.00
30GB 30GB R999.00

How do I get MTN 3500 24GB?

What is the USSD code for the Data4Me? To get the 24GB for 3,500 Naira on MTN, you need to access the MTN USSD Data4Me code by dialing *121#….Customers will enjoy amazing voice, data, and recharge offers such as:

  1. 100% Data Bonus and Discounted Data Bundles.
  2. Best Value Data and Voice Bundle.
  3. Bonus on recharge Offers.

How can I buy 10 GB on MTN?

How to buy. To use the bundles, customers must purchase a new MTN starter pack and migrate to an MTN BozzaGigs LTE plan by dialling the USSD shortcode *137#. The migration must be performed within the first 30 days of the SIM card’s activation.

What is MTN’s daily data plan?

MTN offers another daily data plan worth 200 Naira for 200MB, it is only valid for 3 days from the time of purchase, to subscribe simply load 200 Naira MTN airtime and text 113 to 131. MTN has a 1GB data plan for 300 Naira valid for 24 hours, to subscribe Text “155” to 131

What is the best MTN data plan in Nigeria?

The MTN 1000 Naira data bundle is probably the most popular; it offers 1.5GB of data which is suitable for most average internet users, it is valid for 30 days, 24 hours daily. You can subscribe to the MTN 1000 Naira data plan by texting 106 to 131. MTN 1200 Naira Data Plan

How to subscribe to MTN’s data tariff?

To subscribe to this data tariff text 103 to 131. This is one of the most popular MTN data bundles, this data plan is the most used. In this plan, you get to enjoy 1000 MB that’s 1GB with a 500MB bonus. The 1GB data is valid for 30 days or one month while the 500MB is valid for 24 hours. This shows that this plan is a monthly data bundle.

What is MTN data bundle?

What is MTN Data bundle? A. MTN Data bundles are affordable data plans that gives an excellent internet experience on the most reliable data network and more value for money. Q. Who can subscribe to MTN Data bundle?

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