Which of the following proficiency badges was introduced in 1981?

Which of the following proficiency badges was introduced in 1981?

Proficiency Badges were introduced in 1981 to generate greater interest in NPCC training and to open up new avenues for cadets to achieve and excel. These badges aim to reward cadets for achieving proficiency in various aspects of NPCC training.

What is the SPF-NPCC badge?

The SPF-NPCC Badge was first launched in 1997 to give recognition to cadets with good leadership qualities and outstanding achievements. It is the highest award badge that cadets can vie for.

How do I get the SPF badge for NPCC?

The SPF-NPCC Badge is the pinnacle award for cadets in NPCC. Each year, only the most outstanding graduating NPCC cadets with good leadership qualities are awarded this prestigious badge. The cadets must be of good conduct, have strong commitment in their work and positive attitude towards learning.

What is Cssp NPCC?

National Police Cadet Corp (NPCC) has been affiliated with the Singapore Police Force with many programmes that disseminate crime prevention knowledge and skills. Many youths have become responsible adults and civic conscious citizens through these comprehensive programmes. Community Safety & Security Programme (CSSP)

Who started NPCC?

Victor Seah
Victor Seah. This successful initiative inspired the formation of more units in schools around Singapore. 30 teachers were selected from different schools to be trained as PCC officers at the Police Training School (PTS).

What are the ranks of NCC?

Equivalent Ranks in Senior Division NCC

Army wing Naval Wing Air wing
Cadet Under Officer Junior Cadet Caption Cadet Under Officer
Company Quarter Master Sergeant Petty Officer Sergeant Major Warrant Officer
Sergeant Leader Cadet Sergeant
Corporal Cadet Class I Corporal

What are the 3 wings of NCC?

Units. These 17 directorates are divided in total of 814 units divided in three service groups Army, Naval and Air.

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